4 of The Best 60 Inch 4K TVs in 2021

60 inch 4k tv

Given the rate that technology is moving presently, its safe to say that we are living in a golden age of television sets, with countless products to choose from at this moment in time. Variety is the spice of life which is why there happen to be multiple companies trying their hand at something different in order to offer you something worthwhile. Panasonic, LG, Samsung, the list goes on, but which provide the best 60-inch 4K televisions? Look no further than our list below for all you need to know about these sets!

We spent a lot of time in electronic stores just picking the brains of customers and staff trying to get an idea on which products fit the specifications of many. We took a lot into account when compiling this list, in the hope that we fit the needs of many! We understand that everyone is different and a list of the same products would just be boring for us to write and too dull for you to read so without any further ado, lets get into it!

View The Best 60 Inch 4K TVs Below

1. LG 60UJ7700

LG 60UJ7700

The first product on our list comes to us from LG, the 60UJ7700 is a fantastic product that comes with a lot of outstanding features from the jump. The LG UHD TV offers the most dynamic range that weve seen in most other 4K televisions, complete with optimized Dolby Vision that will no doubt immerse you in whatever environments you select. Most places where you can purchase this television from will come with a warranty, which should provide peace of mind should this set falter in any way.

+ Dolby Vision
+ Warranty included
+ Smart LED Tv
+ Apps
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It - : LG are masters when it comes to creating these sorts of products and the 60UJ7700 is arguably one of their finest to date, incredibly immersive and all in all a great buy!


2. Samsung UN49KU6500F

Samsung UN49KU6500F

Curved televisions never cease to amaze us! Samsung has created one of the finest 4K televisions going today, one that never fails to slow down due to the televisions 120 motion rate and LED backlight, providing excellent support and visuals. This set comes with built-in Wi-Fi also, which not only provides faster connections to some of your favorite apps but means that you won't have to worry about modems ever again!

+ Multiple inputs
+ 120 MR
+ LED backlight
+ Smart functionality
+ Curved

Why We Liked It - : If you are looking for a very sleek 60-inch television, then look no further than this product from Samsung, it features far outweigh whatever faults you can find.


3. Samsung UN60KS8000F

Samsung UN60KS8000F

A little pricier than the previous Samsung product in our list but all the more effective in providing you with an all-around immersive experience. The Samsung UN60KS8000F is a premium 4K television, kitted with triple black technology, which means you will never miss a thing when in the dark! HDR 1000 mirrors allow for high contrast and vividness, perfect for movies that are of the finest quality going! UHD dimming will enable you to adjust the picture as you see fit, allowing for richer colors and crisper graphics.

+ HDR mirrors
+ UHD Dimming
+ Universal remote
+ Responsive
+ Immersive

Why We Liked It - : If you are after the ultimate 4K television then this is definitely up there with the greats. A tad more expensive than the previous Samsung product in our list, but if you have the funds, why not?


4. LG 60UH7700

LG 60UH7700

A contender to the previous television in our list and also the final product we are going to be talking about, the LG 60UH7700 is just as talented as the UN60KS8000F if not better! The build quality of this television is far greater than most other televisions out in the market presently, which is a guarantee from LG or your money back! This is an optimal television that puts out nothing but striking visuals with every use. Again, a somewhat expensive purchase but if youve clicked on this article, were guessing you have the funds.

+ HDR mirrors
+ UHD Dimming
+ Universal remote
+ Responsive
+ Immersive

Why We Liked It - We found this one to be incredibly responsive after trying multiple applications on it. It makes playing video games like entering another world for a couple of hours, same goes for tv shows.


60 Inch 4K TV Buyers Guide

4K 60 Inch TV - What To Look For When Buying?

When purchasing anything of this size and price you should always be looking at your own personal specifications. If you find yourself as someone who uses a television for multiple uses, then you are going to want one with multiple inputs, this is just one example, but you get the point!

How Far To Sit From 60 Inch 4K TV?

Wed advise sitting a good couple of feet away from the television or risk doing some serious damage to your eyes. These televisions are known to be incredibly powerful, so taking the right precautions is always going to be necessary, also youre not a moth.

What Is The Best Samsung 60 Inch 4K TV?

We have provided enough information above for you to make this decision yourself. This will come down to personal preference, but for us, we really prefer the UN49KU6500F.

How Much Does A 60 Inch 4K LG TV Weigh?

Most LG televisions of this site weigh around 29 kg, which is quite heavy in a general sense, but for television, it is very light and could easily be mounted onto a wall if you have the space for it and the right components.

What Kind Of Tuner Should I Use With My 60 Inch 4K TV?

Again this will come down to personal preference. Depending on what you are using the television for should dictate the sort of tuner you should be using. We suggest trying multiple until you find one that fits what youre looking for!

Expert Tip:

When purchasing any television of this price and quality, you should always be going for the products with the warranty included. You never know what could happen to these televisions and having a warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that you can get a replacement or your money back in certain instances.

Did you know?

4K resolution in televisions has only come into provenience over the past couple of years due to the sudden boom in the market. Developers spent many years honing this tech to a point where we now have countless products that all do something similar yet different at the same time!

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