5 Best Smart TVs Under $500 in 2021

Smart TV under $500

Smart TV's appear to be all the rage nowadays, Samsung, Sony, LG, and VIZIO are, but a few examples of companies who have all had a hand in crafting some of the most innovative products on the market today! These products are known to be notoriously expensive depending on where you happen to be looking, which makes finding an affordable television that fits your specifications quite a daunting task, especially if you dont know what to look out for!

Smart televisions have only boosted in popularity over the past couple of years because they are starting to lower in price, this is what most fail to understand. Finding a great TV that is under $500 is another question indeed. In this article, we are going to cover some of the most cost-effective smart TVs out in the market today! We should state that these products appear in no particular order, each is great in their own right as you will come to learn!

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1. Samsung UN40J5200

1. Samsung UN40J5200

Available from 43 to 32, the Samsung UN40J5200 is one of the more ergonomic products on the market right now. This smart TV comes with an LED backlight, which will illuminate your screen perfectly, which is very useful during day-time television where natural light could pose an issue. This smart TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi, which is part of the smart element of this TV. There are two inputs here: HDMI and USB.

+ 60CMR
+ Two inputs
+ 1080p resolution
+ Quality color options
+ Wi-Fi

Why We Liked It - Samsung are one of the leading providers of home systems like this one for a reason. There is quality in this smart 40" TV, and the features only help improve its functionality.


2. LG Electronics 32LH550B

 LG Electronics 32LH550B

Lifes Good are one of the leading heads when it comes to a range of technological products, and it just so happens that their 32LH550B smart 32-inch TV is one of the best. Equipped with smart technology, this smart TV is available in various sizes depending on your personal preferences.

Inputs here are plentiful, with there being two HDMI ports, one USB port as well as one ethernet port too. Weighing in at 8.8 pounds, this is one of the lighter options for one to choose from. Like the first entry to our list here, this one comes with an LED backlight.

+ Light
+ LED backlight
+ 60Hz refresh rate
+ Smart functionality
+ Multiple inputs

Why We Liked It - The refresh rate on this television is partly the reason why its included here. The LED backlight is a very good addition also!


3. Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA

Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA

A television that is 2x the clarity of a standard HD television, this Samsung product is one of the more popular smart TV options simply because of the simplicity in it all. This TV comes with all your favorite streaming serves built in, which includes Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu respectfully. Enjoy a clear moving picture resolution with a motion rate of 60. The quad-core processor allows a fluid experience no matter what is being played on the TV itself.

+ 1080p
+ Quad core processing
+ Micro dimming pro
+ Smart technology
+ 60 motion rate

Why We Liked It - It's hard not to simply look at this smart TV and marvel at its picture quality. The quad-core processing makes it so that there is never any issues, which is why we were very impressed with this product outright.


4. Samsung Electronics UN40MU6300

 Samsung Electronics UN40MU6300

This 40-inch SmartTV comes with 4x more pixels than standard television, which is one of the main highlights to this smart TV; youll be able to see the differences from simply turning this one on! Vibrancy is plentiful in this one, with content operating at a motion rate of 120 since this is a 4K HDR optimized television! This smart TV comes in various different sizes, the bigger you go, the more expensive the television will be, which is true in essentially any of the products featured in this list.

+ 4K optimized
+ Wi-Fi
+ Smart Technology
+ 120 Motion Rate
+ Three HDMI ports

Why We Liked It - Motion rate via the 4k optimized screen should be the main reason why you want to check out this smart TV for yourself. Theres something very special about this one, perhaps its the Samsung brand, or maybe its just a great product outright.


5. VIZIO D39H-D0


If you are looking for a smart TV that is fit for many different internet apps, which does include Hulu, Netflix and many, many more! The full array LED backlight does a great job in adding to the many features that streamline through this product.

Built-in Wi-Fi will see that you never miss a moment, promising high-speed wireless connections for hours of entertainment, the HD resolution of this one isnt too shabby either. This TV comes fully equipped with two HDMI ports and crisp 720p high definition.

+ 720p
+ LED backlight
+ HD resolution
+ App control
+ Two HDMI ports

Why We Liked It - This is the quintessential entertainment television, one that will make sure that anything you watch is as crisp as possible. This VIZIO product is one of the best in the market for under $500.


Smart TV Under $500 Buying Guide

When looking for a smart TV that's under $500, there is always going to be a list of things to look out for to make sure that the quality is there. These televisions are not cheap, but they do come with various features in them that warrant the prices of them outright. In this section of the article, we are going to cover a few hints and tips that you can consider when shopping for a smart TV of your own, perfect for those who know they want one of these televisions yet don't know what to look out for!


Knowing your specifications before you go about purchasing a television is a must. It is pointless purchasing a television that might not fit on top of the cabinets and stands if they are too big or too small. Set your expectations beforehand and then you will not fall short when it comes to finding a product that works for you. Yes, you are paying a lot of money for these products, but that doesnt mean to say that you require the biggest one they have just for the sake of it.

What to look for when buying a Smart TV Under $500?

You should be looking for the highest resolution smart televisions possible, preferably ones with 4K resolution and a strong LED backlight. Picture quality is everything in these televisions, otherwise what separates these smart televisions from your standard HD offerings that exist out there?

These televisions are built for immersion, which is why you should also be looking for ones with the right amount of USB ports as you will more than likely be running a games console through these televisions also. It goes without saying, but finding a smart TV that has built-in Wi-Fi will improve the quality of your games also. The same can also be said if you find a TV with an ethernet port.

If you are purchasing one of these televisions and have active streaming applications, then you might want to consider purchasing a television with all of these features built in. Streaming services are arguably more popular than your standard channels, so maybe you only watch shows via Netflix or Hulu, which is why you should be prioritizing finding a smart TV with these built in as they run a lot smoother and crisper when built in.

If you are ever in doubt regarding which products to purchase, then intuition should be able to help. Reputable brands such as Sony and LG should produce top quality products as their reputation should already be known to the customer who might already have other products from the same maker. These brands will often have a warranty attached which is a bonus as it allows you to try out these products to see if they are for you before potentially trying out another!

Best value Smart TV under 500 dollars

Essentially all of the products featured in our list are worthy of a purchase, again it just comes down to personal preference. We would personally go for the LG smart TV for all of the reasons outlined within its description. If we are spending close to $500 on a smart TV, then we have to be sure that our purchase is going to last, and owning multiple LG products of our own has given us a pretty good understanding of how these products work and last.

Of course, if you are someone who is big on apps, then you'll find that the VIZIO TV ticks a lot of boxes for many different customers out there. We also found this product to be quite versatile as it runs pretty well when you are playing video games on it! So if you are someone who plays a lot of games, then youll find there is plenty of different reasons to be excited about this gaming TV.

Best quality Smart TV under $500

If we had to pick one of the smart televisions on our list as the ultimate smart tv, then wed probably have to go with the Samsung UN40J5200 simply because of the range of features and the unique color options that you have at your disposal. This TV has no right to be this affordable for the features it has. Also, if you are going to go for a smart TV, then you are going to want to go with the one that has the best picture optimization out of the bunch, meaning 1080p is the way to go every time for obvious reasons.

When testing this smart TV for ourselves, we noticed no breakdown in quality after trying multiple features on the TV, which included the many apps and color settings. Honestly, if you are going to purchase a smart TV that is perfect in every category, then you will want to be getting this one.

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