5 of The Best 32 Inch Smart TVs in 2021

32 inch smart tv

1. LG Electronics 32LH550B

LG Electronics 32LH550B

This budget smart TV is ideal if you want to be able to access a whole variety of apps right in front of you. It has a backlight LED lighting, which will allow you to be able to see a very clear and realistic picture right in front of your eyes.

It also comes in a whole variety of sizes, so if you do want one that's a bit smaller, then this is ideal for you. You also get 60 days of free tech support when you buy this TV, so if you need any help with it, you can easily get assistance.

+ LED backlight
+ Realistic picture
+ Variety of sizes
+ Free tech support
+ Easy access to the internet

Why We Liked It - We liked this TV because we found it very easy to set up and use, plus, the free tech support is very useful.


2. VIZIO D32X-D1


This TV is very top quality, especially, if you want to be able to access every single app that you may use on your phone or computer. You can easily access apps like Netflix and watch some of your favorite TV programs.

It has a built-in Wi-Fi, which enables you to be able to connect with the TV easily. It has 1080p full HD resolution, which will deliver you the perfect modern picture on the screen. It is a very modern design and is also very slim, so it can easily fit anywhere in the house.

+ Easy to access apps
+ Built in WIFI
+ 1080p full HD
+ Modern
+ Slim

Why We Liked It - TWe liked this product because it is very easy to use and the picture on the screen is a very good quality, plus, it has a modern appearance.


3. VIZIO D32-D1


With this TV you can instantly watch all of the most trending movies around because it allows you to access the internet at a very high speed. It has LED backlighting which gives you a lifelike picture on the TV, so you can really engage with the program you're watching.

It comes with two HDMI ports so you can use any type of games console you like on the TV. It also has 1080p full HD resolution, which makes the picture on the TV even clearer. Because this TV is a smart TV, it means that you are also able to access apps to watch your favorite TV shows or even play your favorite games.

+ Easy access to the internet
+ Two HDMI ports
+ 1080p Full HD resolution
+ You can play games on the TV
+ Easy to set up

Why We Liked It - We liked this TV because it has two HDMI ports and you can easily access the internet and apps you want on it.


4. Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA

Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA

This TV has a very modern design and will instantly look amazing in whatever room you decide to put it in. It is also very slim and lightweight so you won't have trouble carrying it to the desired location you choose.

It has 1080p HD resolution making the picture on the TV crystal clear. It also has a quad-core processor that enables you to be able to swiftly click through all of the channels and setting options, meaning it allows you to have a fluid browsing experience. It has a motion rate of 60 making the picture move at a very clear rate.

+ Lightweight
+ Slim
+ Modern
+ 1080p HD
+ 60 modern rate

Why We Liked It - We liked this product because it was very easy to use and it looks amazing in any room.


5. VIZIO D32H-D1


This TV comes with a built-in WIFI that enables you to easily and very quickly access any internet site that you desire. This means that you can watch any movies you want to instantly because of the speed it provides.

It has LED backlighting, which will give you a very clear, and realistic picture, so it will make you feel as if the program youre watching is actually happening right in front of you. It has a very modern design and is also very slim so it will look very stylish and expensive in any room.

+ LED backlighting
+ Internet access
+ Modern
+ Slim

Why We Liked It - We liked this TV because of the picture that it is able to provide you with, as it is very crystal clear on any program youre watching.


32 Inches Smart TV Buyers guide

Before you do buy a TV, there are some things that you should look out for, for instance, what type of lighting it has, because this can make a difference to the picture quality that you see. Also, the kind of resolution will also impact this as well, so it's always best to compare them before you buy one.

What is a 32 inch smart TV?

This TV is slightly smaller than your average living room TV, but you will be able to put it in many different locations around your house. A smart TV is a TV that allows you to use the internet and you can also download apps on the TV as well.

Where to buy a 32 inch smart TV?

You can purchase most of these types of TVs all across the internet, and you will find them on various sites, including Amazon. You can also find them in many shops across the United States as well.

Expert tip:

If you want to watch live feeds on your TV, then you are actually able to do this on your smart TV. You can easily do this by downloading the Upstream app.

Did you know?

You can actually use your smart TV to help you get fit, you can do this by using digital workouts, so if you don't have time for the gym, then this is ideal.


There are many TV's to choose from, and you can get any of the TV's in the list above from the internet or in shops too. Just remember to compare the TV's before you decide to buy one, as some may have different features.

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