8 Best TVs Under $400 in 2021

TV under $400

Despite what many people might think, you dont need to spend thousands of dollars to own a high-quality TV that still looks good with a good size screen, is HD and still comes with all the latest internet and app features.

Because technology has advanced so quickly in the last few years, it is now absolutely possible to find one with all the best features that are still able to compete with the most expensive versions. The other aspect of technology moving so fast is that new products are always being released onto the market.

It is for this reason that it is also important to consider all your options when looking at different features your new TV offers to ensure the features available are made with the most advanced technology that your budget allows. There are so many options available for the same price, and the quality can vary.

It is important when choosing a new TV to consider all their features to ensure the TV you are buying has the best features possible and are tailored to your exact needs. This is especially important as it is likely that you will be getting a lot of use out of it.

With that being said, there are a lot of models to choose from, and when they all contain a wide range of benefits, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. This guide will help you to find the best TV on the market without breaking the bank by comparing all their features so you can make the best decision.

Our buyer's guide will also explain any features and what they do so you know exactly what you are buying.

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View The Best TV Under $400 Below

1. VIZIO D39H-D0


The VIZIO Internet Apps Plus TV instantly allows you to enjoy all your favorite tv shows, radio, music, films, and apps from the internet right on your TV screen. It features an all-new D series full-array LED Backlight by distributing LED's behind the entire screen to deliver high-quality light performance and uniformity.

Its modern design will bring you a perfectly even picture quality. Its built-in Wi-Fi enables you to connect to high-speed internet for fast and easy downloads and complete access to everything VIZIO Internet Apps Plus has to offer. The 720p HD resolution means your viewing time will be spent watching the clearest picture in high-definition.

It features two HDMI ports which will allow you to connect your HD devices to the TV to view on the big screen. The VIZIO TV is easy to navigate with a convenient seven-position App Launcher and a full-screen App homepage that will make it easy for you to discover new apps which will automatically update to keep up with the latest features and upgrades for the best experience.

+ Full-Array LED
+ Ultra HD streaming
+ Two HDMI ports
+ Built-in high-speed Wi-Fi
+ Seven position app launcher

Why We Liked It - The VIZIO TV has a high-quality picture at a great value with its sleek design and automatic updating features to always stay current with ease.


2. LG Electronics 32LH550B

LG Electronics 32LH550B

The LG Electronics 32-inch smart TV has a 720p HD resolution for a clear and vivid picture and features a triple XD engine which analyses the picture signal to enhance color, contrast, and clarity to deliver the highest quality films and shows while reducing motion blur. The LED's produce amazing brightness, clarity, and detail. It features an HDMI input for top-quality audio and video from a single cable allowing you to connect with other HD devices to view any media on your big screen.

The TV is ENERGY STAR qualified which means it is 25 percent more energy efficient than regular models. It saves energy when it is on, idle, and off which is great for the environment as well as your finances. It has a smart and easy to use interface which will allow you to navigate your favorite apps, shows, music, films and more with convenience.

+ riple XD engine
+ Energy efficient
+ Intuitive interface design
+ LED backlit for amazing brightness
+ HDMI assures top quality audio and video

Why We Liked It -The LG Smart LED TV will deliver a bright and clear picture with its Triple XD engine as well as saving on the energy bill.


3. Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA

Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA

The Samsung Electronics Smart TV is twice the clarity of standard HD TVs with a high quality 1080p display. With the Smart TV feature, you can access all your streaming online services for TV Series, films, music and more through the Samsung remote control for the most convenient experience.

It features a quad-core processor which provides a seamless browsing experience and even faster control when changing between apps, streaming devices, and other media for an interface that is a pleasure to use. The Motion Rate 60 technology allows you to get the best moving picture quality with a high refresh rate, powerful processing speed and backlight technology for enhancing bright colors for the best picture.

Samsung smart TV is a place where you can combine all of your TV shows, movies and games easily accessed in one place. It comes with a vibrant display that reveals a more lifelike picture with enhanced contrast than any other TV. The built-in Wi-Fi will make it even easier to access online content and a smooth streaming process.

+ Smart Things App to control connected devices in one screen
+ Samsung remote control for easier access to all your entertainment
+ Micro Dimming Pro to produce deeper blacks and purer whites
+ Screen zone divider
+ Sync with smartphones to control the big screen more easily

Why We Liked It - With a high resolution in full HD 1080p resolution, Smart Things App and Samsung remote control, accessing and moving between content will be convenient with a more realistic picture. In fact, this TV can be bought for under $300 in some places.

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The VIZIO D39HN-E0 comes with a full array LED backlight which not only distributes LEDs along the edge of the screen but across the whole display for the best possible picture in an innovative design. The 720p high-definition picture allows you to watch TV with a crisp and clear display, and the sleek new base is designed with a slim frame which makes the new D-series the ideal upgrade from other VIZIO TVs.

The TV features two HDMI ports to allow you to connect your other devices so you can view all your entertainment on the big screen for the best quality. The updated Energy Star 7.0 technology is, even more, energy efficient allowing you to save even more than before. The DTS StudioSound feature offers advanced virtual surround sound from built-in speakers to enhance your viewing even further without needing to buy anything extra.

+ LED distribution technology
+ Enhanced picture quality
+ Modern design
+ Energy efficient
+ USB ports

Why We Liked It -This LED TV is not only energy saving but also comes with superior surround sound quality which is perfect for watching films.


5. LG 32LH500B

LG 32LH500B

This LD model is also ENERGY STAR Qualified which makes it more efficient than other models. It comes with an HD 720p resolution for clear picture quality, and the Triple XD Engine brings enhanced color, contrast, and clarity with blur reduction.

The LED technology creates top quality brightness and detail for an enhanced viewing experience. The HDMI inputs mean you can watch and listen to high-quality content with a single cable when accessing media from other devices to watch on the screen for the best picture. The slim and elegant design will look great in any living room.

+ Triple X engine
+ 2 HDMI inputs
+ 60Hz refresh rate
+ Energy star qualified
+ LED-backlit

Why We Liked It - This TV in the LG series offers energy saving high-quality viewing experience at a great value with advanced technology and natural picture quality.


6. VIZIO D32h-C0


This VIZIO D-series offers optimum picture quality with innovating features that enhance your viewing experience. The LED backlight distributes light uniformity to improve the picture quality, and the 720p resolution contributes to a clear and bright screen.

US-based customer support is offered to VIZIO customers for any troubleshooting queries to help support and answer any questions you have. There are two HDMI inputs and a USB port to easily view media on other devices with a remote included for convenient control.

+ Lightweight
+ Effective refresh rate
+ USB and HDMI input
+ Remote included
+ Award-winning support

Why We Liked It - This LED TV combines great value with a high-quality HD picture with the latest technologies to deliver a clear screen equipped to view media from multiple devices with the easy access of HDMI and USB ports.


7. Sceptre X405BV-FSR

Sceptre X405BV-FSR

This Sceptre TV offers the sharpest quality picture with enhanced color and a clear QAM turner that makes cable connection even more convenient without the need for an antenna. The MEMC 120 is capable of displaying twice as many frames as 60HZ models.

You will be able to benefit from high-quality video, and audio entertainment with three HDMI inputs and the USB port will give you the option to combine modern technology with traditional features. The TV also features the option for connecting via Bluetooth so you can easily connect other devices without the need for cables. It is also equipped with VGA technology. The full HD screen with LED technology and 1080p makes for a higher level of clarity in the display.

+ Three HDMI ports
+ Bluetooth technology
+ 1080p
+ QAM tuner
+ MEMC 120 display

Why We Liked It - This LED TV comes with a selection of innovative features to make your entertainment experience more diverse. The Bluetooth function is a particular benefit for us.


8. VIZIO D32H-D1


The VIZIO Internet Apps Plus is a more advanced design than previous models. Allowing you to access and enjoy all kinds of media content from the internet and view comfortably on the HD LED 720p screen. The LED backlight creates an even light behind the display for equal distribution, making the picture clear and bright.

The built-in Wi-Fi means you can connect to high-speed internet for optimum performance on apps and other internet streaming such as music and films. The new design is made with a slim frame to suit any room. The newly expanded app's library brings even more variety to an already extensive collection, and the full-screen app launcher allows you to access, browse, and find these apps with the most convenience. The smart TV allows apps to automatically update so you will always be able to stay up to date with current features without even having to think about it.

+ Premium app collection
+ Easy to navigate app display
+ In-built dual-band Wi-Fi
+ Modernized interface
+ Automatic updates

Why We Liked It - This updated version in the VIZIO collection is perfect for app lovers with their enhanced technology that provides an extensive collection of apps with an easy to access interface.


TV Under $400 Buying Guide

What to look for when buying a TV under $400

While some of the features on these TVs are very similar, they do vary in quality, and here we have explained some of the things that are worth considering when buying a new model.


It is worth getting a model with the best possible resolution so you can benefit from the clearest picture for long. While all of these models are HD, some have different levels of progressive scan than others. The higher the number, the better the resolution. This means that a TV with 1080p is currently the best picture available and will have a clearer and sharper picture than one with a 720p.

It is usually worth choosing a model that has the most up to date technologies as they will stay relevant for longer, meaning you will get more use out of them before looking for the latest updated versions. That being said, it is worth looking at some of the other features that the TV has, as you may find that a 720p TV is more tailored to your needs in other ways which you might miss out on if you only look at this function, such as connectivity options or size.


It is common for people to want the biggest TV they can afford, but it is always important to measure the space where you plan on placing the device and make sure its size and shape will look good in that area, and what size will best suit the distance you will be viewing from. Some TVs come with the option to mount on the wall which can save space and will mean you need less furniture in the room, and some are much thinner than others. This is also worth noting, especially in smaller spaces as they will take up less room.

Connectivity options

Some TVs offer a bigger selection of options when it comes to connecting to both Wi-Fi, and to other devices. If you plan on streaming media content from the internet on your TV, then it will be important to choose one that offers the best internet connection. There is no point choosing a TV that is incapable of coping with a high-speed internet connection if you would like to watch shows and films online as they might not load properly if the connection isnt strong enough.

It is also worth ensuring the internet in your home is fast enough for the TV to stream the content. Both your Wi-Fi at home and your TVs Wi-Fi connectivity options must be taken into consideration.

Some TVs come with HDMI ports and USB ports while others dont. If you will be connecting other devices to view media on your tvs such as laptops and phones, you will need to know what connections they will need. It is also worth considering how many inputs the TV as if you are planning on connecting multiple devices.

If there are several inputs, it will make it easier without having to constantly swap them around, and a Bluetooth option is even better as it means you wont have to worry about keeping track of tangled cables. Some TVs come with a remote or allow you to control the screen from your phone which will make navigating through your apps and programmes even easier.

If internet streaming is something youre interested in, you will need to make sure the TV has Smart TV features to allow you to access programmes and other online services without buying an external box.

Best LED TV Under $400

While most modern TVs come with an LED display, it is better to go for one that has full array LED backlighting than just edge lighting if the best possible picture quality is a priority. Full array technology offers the most accurate dimming ability which means the contrast is superior to TVs without this feature that only has edge-lit lighting. The backlighting on full array TV's will cover the whole screen which also means it will produce a more even and equal picture across the whole screen.

All the TVs on this list are LED, and all the VIZIO TV's on this list offer an LED technology that delivers a unique backlight feature that evenly distributes light across the screen for better performance and a more realistic picture display as it will also make the colors more clear and realistic.

The VIZIO D39HN-E0, in particular, comes with enhanced picture technology where the LED feature will produce the best quality picture.




Which Smart TV Under $400

A smart TV means that it is able to connect to the internet to access online streaming features such as TV series on demand, and to use apps that range from music, film, television to games and other media. With a smart TV, you can also connect to other devices like your smartphone. This will help you get the most out of your television, and most of them do have this feature. However, different smart TV's have different functions, as some are smarter than others. If this feature is something you would be using a lot, it is worth choosing one with the most advanced features.




One of the best smart TV under $400 on the list is the VIZIO D32H-D1. This is because of its unique set of features that are internet app based. If the internet functions are what you have in mind, then you will benefit most from the wide range of apps available in their library to choose from, no matter whether your interests lie in playing games, listening to music or watching films. The app launcher also makes it easy to find and sort through your apps with an easy-access interface, meaning you wont have any trouble navigating through all the features to get the most out of them.

Best 1080p TV Under 400 Dollars?

1080p is currently the best standard screen option with the highest resolution and aspect ratio. For an increased resolution, the Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA and Sceptre X405BV-FSR models offer 1080p HD LED screen which means they will be able to produce top quality pictures. This is because there are more pixels displayed on the screen which will bring you a higher resolution.

Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA



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