The 7 Best 42 Inch TVs in 2021

Best 42-Inch TV Review

Nothing beats a movie night with lots of treats and your whole family around you! Its a real bonding experience that everyone enjoys. Having a TV to do this type of activity is a luxury but not uncommon in our modern society. And, 42-inch TVs are one of the most popular screen sizes that people tend to buy. There are plenty of other sizes available and even some that are double the size. Yet, theyre still being bought by millions of people all over the world, why? Well, theyre affordable, and they look stunning in any home theater. Its an excellent choice for anyone who wants to save some money, and its also perfect for people who arent too bothered about having a super huge TV in their living area.

Weve put together a list of the top 7 best 42-inch TVs that are available on the market right now. These are all different models and brands, they differ in price, and they arent all the same quality either. Weve also included a short TV buying guide to help you when youre purchasing a TV! It covers the different things you should look out for when youre buying a 42-inch TV and some frequently asked questions too. You should be able to identify the type of TV you want after youve read this article and hopefully be able to find your way in the confusing world of technology a little easier.

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1. LG Electronics 43UX340C

LG Electronics 43UX340C television

This LED-backlit LCD TV has 4k resolution and 2 HDMI ports. Its ideal for playing video games with zombies and fast car chases as it has a low input lag, and its also super sleek looking so will be the center of your living area. Especially, when you have new guests and visitors. The quality of this affordable 4K TV is sure to take your breath away as you experience the crisp, sharp picture display and the booming sound mode.

One of the best things about this model is the smaller stand footprint, and the fact that its only thin in width meaning you can mount it to the wall if you want too. The blacks are uniform meaning the colors are bright and provide the best user experience possible. Its known as one of the best 42-inch TV in the industry. It even has extra smart features and two great quality speakers that ensure you never miss anything again. The UX340C model only has a 20-watt output power, so youre not going to use a lot of your energy bills, and its an affordable 4K TV to buy outright anyway.

Not many 42-inch TVs come close to the sheer quality and greatness that this LG model holds. Its loved by manufacturers and customers alike because this 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV got so many good elements and aspects. The borders and stand are slim and modern but still stable, you definitely wont have any regrets about purchasing this model.

+ Small Stand Footprint
+ Super Sleek and Modern
+ Crisp Picture Display
+ Uniform Blacks and Bright Colors
+ Affordable and Good Value for Money
+ Excellent Sound Quality

Why We Liked It - This 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is a critical example that you dont have to spend a lot of money to get something that is good value for money. It has a stunning display and excellent sound quality, so theres nothing to hate, only everything to love. This tv is recognised as both a 42-inch and a 43inch TV. See more 40 inch tvs.

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2. Samsung UN43J5200

Samsung UN43J5200 43-inch tv

Another LED TV is this budget Samsung model. It even has smart features, despite a low and affordable price! The design is super simple and a little thicker than other popular Samsung TVs but still would suit a modern house. It has a metallic black finish on both the borders and the stand which is sleek if youre wanting to choose a good-looking TV. Whats great about this model is that the blacks are dark which results in a great contrast ratio and even brighter colors. Have you ever watched a movie on a TV with amazing color quality? If you havent, this model is definitely for you.

The input lag for this 42 Samsung TV is low too, so if youre a gamer and want to start making the most of your new purchase this is definitely the choice to go with! Yet, there is a noticeable motion blur which isnt too much of a problem unless you watch a lot of sports or fast-paced action movies. Also, the picture quality could be better. Its not the best out of all the models on this list, but considering the low price you pay, its very good value for money. Its well worth your time and money!

+ Low Input Lag
+ Uniform Blacks and Bright Colors
+ Sleek Black Metal Finish
+ Affordable
+ Good Picture Quality

Why We Liked It - When youre on a budget its a common misconception that the quality is a lot worse than the higher-end models. Yet, this model is a prime example that quality and price doesnt go hand in hand, you can always find a good quality model for a lower price if youre willing to research.

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3. VIZIO D43-D1

VIZIO D43-D1 tv

This Vizio D TV series model is another great budget TV. It is full HD (1080p resolution) and performs well when considering the picture and sound quality. Its a generally good TV and has very few flaws meaning its extremely good value for money. Its quite basic and doesnt have any extra features such as smart connection or 4K resolution, but its still great if youre wanting something high-quality and modern looking.

The design is pretty neat too, the unit stands on two spider legs at either end, and it has a shiny black finish on both the body and legs of the TV. For a budget tv, its good looking! It also has good deep blacks which result in a good contrast ratio for bright colors and a popping picture. The input lag and motion blur are low too, so its good news for all the gamers out there.

The flaws are pretty minor and nothing to worry about if youre going to purchase this model. The sound quality isnt great, and it may be worth investing in a soundbar or speakers to connect to the budget TV. The smart features are also basic and could better.

+ 1080p Resolution
+ Low Input Lag and Motion Blur
+ Deep and Uniform Blacks
+ Good Native Contrast

Why We Liked It - Gamers dont always want to spend a lot on their LED TVs and this Vizio model is a great choice for those budget hunters. Its good quality and amazing value for money so you can be sure youre making the most of your pennies

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4. Samsung Electronics UN43M5300A

Samsung Electronics UN43M5300A

Are you wanting to watch scary and mysterious movies in a dark room on your new purchase? This Samsung 42-inch smart TV is the best choice for you. The black uniformity is amazing, and there are no issues with the color display either. It also has a pretty neat design too, the legs are positioned at either end of the unit and finished in a chrome paint, while the rest of the TV is matte black in color.

The picture quality for this model is pretty average and doesnt disappoint. There are obviously better choices, but its nothing too bad. The 1080p resolution flat screen can play your favorite shows and movies well. Considering the price, its a good quality TV overall. Its one of the cheapest 42-inch smart TVs out there right now, and the smart features are actually one of the best elements of this model.

However, due to the price of this model, it does have some minor flaws. The motion blur and input lag arent that low, so gamers wont love it. The sound quality could also be improved a lot, although this doesnt directly affect your viewing experience, it can be annoying.

+ Excellent Smart Features
+ Sleek and Modern Design
+ Uniform Blacks and High Native Contrast

Why We Liked It - Most Samsung models are expensive, and for those families who want to save themselves a little bit of money, you could invest some spare cash into a model like this one and then spend the extra money on another treat for the whole family.

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5. LG Electronics 43UJ6300

LG Electronics 43UJ6300

Coming in at a higher price point is this UJ6300 model by LG. it has a stunning 4K resolution and extra smart features so you can stream your favorite YouTube videos and Netflix shows. Yet, its not near the top of this list, why? Well, its a good 4K TV for gamers as it has a low input lag and motion blur. But, despite being a high resolution, the picture quality isnt great, and the design is outdated.

When viewed from different viewing angles, the picture quality deteriorates, and the width of the TV overall is thick too meaning it would look a little strange if mounted to the wall. However, the sound quality is OK, and it seems like a good smart 4k TV to have in your home theater. Despite being nothing special, its ideal for some families. It is still expensive for the quality though, and we would advise looking at other TV choices if you want to save some money.

+ Stunning 4K Resolution
+ Good Smart Features
+ Low Input Lag and Motion Blur

Why We Liked It - Having smart features on your TV can be a great aspect and so many people choose to ignore when a smart 4k TV has good features like the smart ones. Its ideal for any family who tends to watch more shows on the internet rather than TV shows too.

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6. Samsung 690 HG43NF690GF

Samsung 690 HG43NF690GF LED LCD tv

This premium glossy black LED TV is the ideal 42 Samsung TV. Despite claiming to be 43 inches, the size has been rounded up to 43 inches. It is a great looking TV, with a glossy center stand and thinner borders than other models. It has deep blacks and high native color accuracy and contrast, so youre sure to enjoy a movie or two on this model. It even has smart features that are perfect too, streaming media like your favorite movies and TV shows have never been easier.

Yet, it lacks a lot of personality and characteristics that other models have. It doesnt have amazing sound quality, and the input lag isnt low either. Since it does have a center stand, when its pushed it may wobble and be a little unstable but nothing to worry about too much. Other than some flaws, its a good purchase.

+ Glossy Black Finish and Design
+ High Native Contrast and Deep Black Uniformity

Why We Liked It - Samsung is a good quality brand that is always producing top products for a range of price points. This model is a good balance between quality and price, its not too expensive, and it performs well. There is very little wrong with it.

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7. Samsung 690 HG43NF690UF

Samsung 690 HG43NF690UF

Featuring new smart connectivity and USB connections. This 42 Samsung TV is ideal for families who like the basic yet good quality feel to their TV. It performs well and has good bright colors as well as deep blacks (movie lovers will go crazy for this model!), but it does have some major flaws that cant be missed.

It has a 4K resolution, so youd expect the picture quality to be great, right? Wrong. The picture quality is only average, and so is the sound. Considering the price point of this model, it should perform a lot better than it does. The issues it has can be fixed, but this isnt the point when youre spending your hard-earned cash on a TV.

Despite this, it has a low motion blur so all those gamers and sports fans will be content watching their favorite things, and the children will love to huddle around and watch a TV show or two.

+ Bright Colors and Deep Blacks
+ Smart Connectivity and USB Connections

Why We Liked It - Its a sleek and modern looking TV with some good features, its not the best of its kind, but every TV has it's flawed. The issues can be easily fixed, and its readily available from a lot of major retailers, so its worth getting yourself one.

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42 Inch TV Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying A 42 Inch TV?

Samsung UN43J5200 Purchasing a 42-inch TV can be a lot more difficult than you may initially think. But, it can also be easier than you anticipate if you know what to look for when youre scrolling through thousands of choices. Certain aspects and elements of a TV make it better than others. Were talking resolution, extra smart features, or even the ability to showcase video games well.

A TV that has these multiple aspects will perform well and never let you down.

Below is a short list of the things you may want to look out for when youre on the hunt for a new TV. The best 42-inch variations typically have some or all of these characteristics, so its always worth keeping a note of them.

Ultra HD or Full HD There is a common misconception that you dont need an HD TV below 55 inches. But, if you want an enjoyable viewing experience than its always the best way to go. Choose a TV that is either 'ultra HD (4K resolution) or full (1080p resolution) HD, this will ensure youre getting the best TV display and that youre not wasting your money on something youre not going to enjoy watching TV shows and movies on. HD resolution makes the display image a lot clearer and crisper, this is especially good for people who like to be indulged in a fictional world.

Multiple HDMI ports Only having one HDMI port on a new TV can be disappointing when you have multiple smart home devices to plug into it. Making sure your new purchase has more than one or two ports will save you a lot of time and energy in the long term as you wont have to be getting up and switching the cables around constantly.

Smart features Older 42-inch TVs wont have smart features, which means by getting one that does, youre getting some of the latest technology. This also means that the whole TV model will be better in general. Although previous technology is useful, the industry is only getting better with age. So, its always worth getting the most updated LED TVs as they will be the sleekest and nicest to watch. Having smart features is also a huge plus as it allows the user to connect to the internet and stream movies or favorite TV shows if thats something you like to do.

What Is the Best 42 Inch LCD TV To Buy?

The best 42 TV with LCD qualities has to be the LG Electronics 43UX340C, its first in our list and has a lot of extra features. Its also fantastic value for money, so if youre wanting to save some dollars, this is an ideal choice.

What Is the Best Rated 42 Inch Smart TV?

Amongst consumers and customer reviews, the best 42 TV has to be the VIZIO D43-D1. It is rated really well, and it doesnt cost too much money either. Despite being a budget tv, it has excellent picture quality.

VIZIO D43-D1 smart lef tv


Expert Tip

A good resolution (so 1080p or 4K) doesnt always mean the picture quality is going to be good. You need to ensure youre checking other customer reviews and those from professionals before investing a large amount of money into a TV that could be not that great.

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In 2021, the average US consumer spent just under 4 hours of their day watching TV. This number is predicted to drop by 2021 as people are turning to laptops, computers and smart features to stream things rather than watching TV shows and documentaries.

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