The 10 Best 50 Inch TVs

Best 50 Inch TVs

Looking to buy a new 50 inch TV? The TV plays a central role in modern lives, as we use them every day to watch movies, stream TV shows, play video games, and even send emails or Tweets. TV shopping is pretty exciting, especially when you are looking for a big screen TV, but it can be pretty confusing too. Imagine if a sales clerk asked you to decide between LED and Smart. Or if you prefer 4K TVs, and by the way do you know how many ports your family needs?

If you aren't sure how you would answer don't panic. It only takes a little reading to get a clearer idea of what your dream TV looks like. To help you get there we have looked at hundreds of TV reviews from various sites all around the Internet, and the result is this easy to read TV buying guide to which 50 inch TV is the best buy in 2021.

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1. Samsung Electronics UN49MU8000

Samsung Electronics UN49MU8000 premium UHD tv

Samsung are rightly proud of this king size LED TV that is not just smart - its top of the class. Ultra 4k resolution delivers high-level definition and good contrasting in both daylight and nighttime scenes. You may even feel like you stepped right into the action on screen as every detail is so clear. An impressive 4 HDMI ports and 3 USBs cater to the entire family with ease, and the low input lag makes this 4K gaming TV a dream.

This 50-inch 4K TV makes life very easy because its optimized for streaming media from your favorite sources. It also comes with a remote which controls any devices you have connected, a time and stress saver in itself. This isnt the cheapest 50 inch TV on the market, but based on looks, performance and the general viewing experience it is definitely one of the best.

+ Easy to mount on the wall
+ Boasts a discreet and convenient cable management system
+ Good sound from internal speakers
+ Good for several years of use

Why We Liked It - You cant do better than this if a state of the art, long-term use TV is what you are looking for. The higher price tag rewards with excellent features, and all from a trusted big name.

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2. Samsung UN49KU6500FXZA

Samsung UN49KU6500 Curved

This stunning 50 inch LED TV has both style and substance. Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR it delivers a picture of HDR movies which is as good as any you could see at a movie theater - get ready for your personal home theater!

The glossy super-sized screen size reflects light, so you won't miss out on the lovely visuals. Oh, and did anyone mention the Quad-Core Processor which powers the Smart aspect of this outstanding TV? Curves may not be to everyones tastes, but some people do prefer them.

This 4K UHD HDR TV may not be the cheapest 50 inch TV on the market, but its a definite investment piece. With its various features, it should stay relevant for a good while ahead.

+ Easy setup
+ One remote for all functions
+ Looks great on the wall or on the stand (supplied)
+ Super speedy actions

Why We Liked It - Buyers looking for a 50 inch TV with that magic mix of individual style and the great performance will find both in this ultra-modern 4K UHD HDR TV.

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3. Samsung 49NU8000

Samsung UN49NU8000 uhd tv

Anyone looking to buy a 50 inch TV needs to linger here a moment or two. Weighing in at just over 33 pounds this may be a lightweight compared to some Smart TV stablemates, but dont be fooled. Theres nothing flimsy or inferior about this Samsung slim and stylish flat screen model. Its crystal color feature brings a choice of well-defined shades HDTVs can only dream of. Try watching old movies and see how much more detail you see on screen. Bixby Voice comes as part of the package, which is a nice bonus. Forget juggling a dozen remotes - you only need one and your voice with this TV.

If Bixby Voice is a bit of a mystery dont worry, just check out this short introductory video from Samsung for a basic explanation.

+ Free Amazon 60 day tech support
+ Great sound, no need for a sound bar
+ 4 HDMI inputs which suit all game console
+ Sturdy and decent looking stand
+ Low lag rate and little motion handling and blurring makes this a great choice for keen gamers

Why We Liked It - A fine example of a top-class lightweight, yet large screen size, TV; this promises something for all the family, from the gamers to the classic movie buffs. Looking for a smaller screen? See our review on these great 40inch TVs.

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4. Magnavox 50"

Magnavox 50MV336X/F7

This could be the best 50-inch TV around for major home media fans. It boasts a huge screen, a 1080p HD picture, an outstanding Sonic Emotion internal audio system, and an LED backlight.

Its Smart too, offering options to connect to popular sites like Pandora, Netflix, Vudu and YouTube via a wireless router. You could spend the entire weekend happily indulging in the great picture quality, whichever channel or option is being used.

Just 2 HDMI inputs may be a bit restricting for some buyers, as could the lack of support for both Hulu and Amazon video. However, perhaps the excellent big screen viewing experience viewers can enjoy is enough compensation?

+ Lightweight
+ Motion handling rate of 120
+ Easy to set up
+ Great for non-gamers

Why We Liked It - This 1080p TV delivers all a TV show streaming media fan needs, and being both lightweight and easy to set up you could get from store to sofa in record speed!

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5. Samsung Electronics UN49MU7500

Samsung Electronics UN49MU7500

One for dedicated movie fans, this 50-inch TV sports a curved screen, leading to a more immersive and 3D-like viewing experience. Add in the 120Hz frame rate which makes motion handling and blur a bad memory and the attraction of this well priced TV is obvious. Still, its got more to offer than a brilliant picture. Both wired and WiFi internet connections are available. There are 3 HDMI inputs, a dual action component-composite video input and 2 USB ports, all standard on this model.

At around 13 inches deep, (including the base), its slightly bulkier than some flat screen TVs. On the plus side, the realistic colors generated by 4K resolution Color Drive Pro are amazing, so its unlikely anyone will even think to get a measuring tape out.

+ 60-day free tech support from Amazon
+ Samsung OneRemote smart controller
+ Attractive curved screen
+ A solid choice for using with a video games console

Why We Liked It - Budget conscious 50 inch TV hunters strike gold without compromising on outputs, the color quality of overall viewing pleasure.

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6. Samsung UN50J5000

Samsung UN50J5000

If you are after decent 50 inch TV deals this is definitely one to jump on. Its affordable, is true to the description, and is a great choice for those who want the key benefits of an LED TV, like vivid, distinct color and good resolution, but are less interested in the many add-ons and upgrades modern TVs promote.

This 1080p TV may not be officially Smart, but being full HD it delivers much better pictures than the standard HD model, is LED backlit, and has a built-in sound system. The 1 USB and 2 HDMI inputs of this budget TV are pretty standard for a low to mid-range model and dont detract from its appeal. The addition of Motion Rate 60 makes both gaming and fast-moving TV a pleasure to watch, either on a stand or while mounted on the wall of your home.

+ Can be connected to a home computer (you supply the cable)
+ Great value
+ Smart features can be added via devices like an Amazon Fire TV Stick
+ A decent compromise if a Smart TV is too expensive

Why We Liked It - The price range alone makes this 1080p TV an unbeatable second TV, but it is just as appealing to gamers with less cash to spend, or basically anyone who doesnt need to use multiple ports at one time.

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7. LG Electronics 49LF5400

LG Electronics 49LF5400

A strong contender in the best bargains is this 50-inch flat screen TV league, this sleek, super-slim LG model. It may not be expensive but theres no compromise on the picture quality, as the full HD 1080p resolution guarantees all the on-screen detail you can handle.

This is a good buy for movie buffs and dedicated TV fans that dont need or want a TV with internet and other Smart TV features. The lack of an output audio port is not a critical point, as the built-in sound system is perfectly adequate. Gamers wont be disappointed either, although the slightly awkwardly positioned two HDMI ports may need an adapter to make access easier if the TV is wall mounted.

+ Boasts a multi-mode Smart Energy Saving feature
+ Simple to set up
+ Narrow border makes the most of the large screen space
+ Popular with more traditional TV viewers

Why We Liked It - Its a well priced, no-frills, large screen TV, with sharp picture quality and good looks - this TV doesnt try to pretend to be anything more.

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8. LG Electronics 49UJ6300

LG Electronics 49UJ6300

Popular amongst serious gamers who use it as a monitor; this 50 inch flat screen TV ticks lots of boxes. It has very low input lag (around 12ms), and an equally impressive response time, both vital for smooth gameplay.

As a TV it continues to impress, with the usual Smart functions making it very easy to connect to apps via WiFi or Ethernet. Not forgetting, of course, the top class picture quality courtesy of 4K Ultra HD, and the true to life detail HDR (High Dynamic Range) brings to the table.

Buyers do report the need for some initial adjustments of the color balance to tweak this TV to your tastes, and an audio output function would be a nice bonus, but for the price range, this is a true bargain.

+ Has various ports: 3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 RF and a shared composite component
+ The remote has an Amazon key
+ Simple and fast to set up or adjust
+ Lots of features for a very good price

Why We Liked It - Possibly the bargain of the century; an affordable 50 inch TV that functions equally impressively as a monitor for the gamers, and as a regular TV for everyone else.

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9. VIZIO D50-D1


Well priced and extremely simple to set up, this is a great 50 inch TV choice for both those new to the large screen TV or anyone looking for a good deal on a Smart TV. Vizio really has made it easy for even the most tech-fearful user to get the most from all a Smart TV can offer.

WiFi is built in, and their Internet Apps Plus service makes it easy to find and enjoy music, movies, TV shows and more. Of course, this is all meaningless if the picture quality is not great, but again there are no worries here.

Over 2 million pixels make the HD images a pleasure to watch, boosted by a high-spec LED backlight which automatically adjusts all colors to achieve the best possible contrast ratio.

+ 120Hz refresh rate
+ The app launcher makes it very easy to find your favorites
+ Good sound quality
+ The apps update automatically
+ Top class visuals

Why We Liked It - Newcomers to Smart TVs cant go wrong with this easy set up model with 120hz refresh rate; even the apps update without prompting!

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10. Avera 49EQX20

Avera 49EQX20

If a quality picture on a large screen at a decent price fulfills your wishlist then 50 inch TV deals dont get much better than this. Forfeiting Smart functions is no sacrifice when the compensation is an ultra high definition viewing experience.

8 million pixels come together to produce detail and clarity of the highest quality, breathing new life into old shows watched on this screen. There are plenty of ports (in a convenient location too), the sound is fine for all but the most demanding, and its lightweight making wall mounting a breeze.

+ Dedicated buttons for screen controls on remote
+ Works well as TV or computer monitor
+ Affordable enough to be a second or third TV
+ A great choice if watching movies and shows is the priority

Why We Liked It - A bargain in the non-Smart TV league, this model promises excellent picture quality and definition, at a price that is ridiculously affordable.

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50 Inch TV Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying a 50 Inch TV

Buying a TV is a fairly major investment for most people, and choosing the right model isnt always as easy as wandering into a store and picking out the first thing that falls within budget. That may be tempting when life is hectic and time is short, but its better to do a little research first, so you can get the best possible 50 inch TV to suit your lifestyle, expectations, finances, and future.

From brand names to no-names, cost, picture quality, and fancy extras this TV buying guide will help you work out what really matters, and make choosing a large screen TV as easy as pie.

Brand name: yes or no?

Samsung Curved 49-inch smart tvThe biggest names in TV branding are Samsung, and LG, with Sony and Panasonic pretty close behind, but is there any real benefit to favoring those over a less famous name like Toshiba, Hisense or Sharp?

In general the better known the name, the higher the spend will be.

Still, they all offer a range of models with different price tags, so if brand loyalty is your thing you may need to compromise on features to stay in budget.

Ultimately a well-reviewed cheaper brand will probably be okay, but it makes sense to buy the best you can afford from a brand you like and trust.


You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand for a 50 inch TV, though most seem to sit under the $1000 mark. Of course, there are special offers, flash sales, end of year discounts and other opportunities to score a bargain and get the features you really want for a more affordable price. People like to say that you get what you pay for, and here that is kind of true. In general the higher the price ticket the more features and advanced display technologies you can expect.

Screen resolution

To watch TV comfortably you need a sharp picture, and the clue to find out how good it will be is to look out for numbers like 720p. This is too low, but any 50 inch screen TV with 1080p (or full HD) format is acceptable. However, if you can stretch from an HD to an Ultra HD TV (also called 4K) it is worth it. The images they produce are so lifelike, even when they are tiny, and this will definitely become the standard in the future.

Currently, Netflix, Amazon and other streaming media companies offer some 4K content, and in the meantime, regular HD images are still of great quality.

Is HDR a must?

HDRLots of 50 inch TVs are advertised as having HDR (High Dynamic Range), but what does that mean, and is it something that is good to have? Basically, an HDR TV can cope with different tones of color better than an average model, so long as the content is HDR content.

If you are a serious Amazon video or Netflix fan this is a nice benefit, and as Ultra HD 4K TVs are also HDR ready buying one of those makes the most sense, and saves upgrading in the near future.

If you want to play HDR movies or an HDR game - the TV should be HDR for the optimum viewing experience.

Flat or curved screen?

Twenty years ago flatscreen TVs revolutionized the word of smart home entertainment, but the interest in curved screens hasnt ever been as powerful. These days only a couple of manufacturers still make and promote them, but that doesnt mean they are not worth a look. Visually they are attractive, so style could be your only reason for choosing a curved screen 50 inch TV, but they are sometimes harder to mount neatly on the wall.

Although advertised as providing a home theater type of experience there isnt a huge difference in the way images are displayed unless you are sitting directly in front of it. So if you like to be a little different, and are happy to pay more for it, a curved screen is worth considering, otherwise stick firmly to the flat style models.

Refresh Rates

smooth action Whatever style of TV you buy the refresh rate is pretty important, so always look for the fastest possible figure.

The average for a long time has been 60Hz so 60 times every second the picture on the screen is refreshed.

Its so fast you may wonder how your eye s could even notice it but in a fast moving scene or video game that speed can make things look a bit blurry.

If possible dont settle for a TV with less than 120 Hz. Some even offer 240 Hz. Do watch out for the phrase effective refresh rate, as that means the number stated needs to be cut in half.

Be greedy with inputs

One 50 inch TV could have 2 HDMI ports, while another has 4. Unless you are absolutely unlikely to use them very much then avoid TVs with just two. They may be a touch cheaper but it is a false economy if you run out of connections of the bat. Video games consoles, soundbars, and a Roku TV or similar will soon claim the outlets, so dont go low.

Do you need to go Smart?

Several of the best 50 inch TVs featured here happen to be Smart which means they have WiFi built in so you can do all kinds of exciting things like update Facebook, play console or PC games, or stream a movie right on the big screen. Many come with services like Netflix and Hulu already installed. As many affordable models are Smart these days it makes sense to choose one of these over a standard TV of the same size and cost.Magnavox 50-inc Smart LED TV

Audio ability & sound quality

Its natural that youd expect a large 50 inch screen TV to make a bit of noise, right? Sadly its pretty easy to be disappointed by the audio systems of many models. By their very design, flat 50-inch TVs are disadvantaged when it comes to producing good sound quality as there just isnt space inside for speakers of the right size. You can get around this by buying a soundbar (the easiest, fastest and least messy option), or connecting up a sound system. Either of these options would at least make sure the sound quality matched that of the picture.

Its still worth checking TV review sites though, as some do seem to avoid this problem. It may also depend on which room of the house the TV is for. In a smaller space, say like a bedroom, it may not matter as much as it would in a spacious family room or large kitchen diner area. Watch out for the cheaper 50-inch TVs which have no audio port, so adding a soundbar is not even possible.

Shopping for a new 50 inch screen TV is an exciting opportunity to check out in person what the world of electronics has to offer. But before you go anywhere near a store make sure you have a list of things that are essential to you in a TV.

Vizio 50-inch 1080p TV Have a good think about the key features discussed here, check the stats and specs of potential good buys, and read some online reviews to find out what people who have bought these TVs actually think of them.

Everyones choice is different, as it is all about finding a fantastic 50 inch TV that suits your particular lifestyle. You may favor good sound over the shape of the screen, or have your heart set on a particular brand its all good. After all, its knowing what you want that puts you firmly in the driving seat and avoids expensive mistakes.

Expert tip

Sit down and create a wishlist of wants, and buy the TV that delivers the most within your budget, otherwise, you could overspend on features you wont use or appreciate.

Did you know?

The largest TV in the world has a 370-inch screen. Made to order by a British company, it cost 1.6 million USD! Imagine the size of the wall you would need to display it?

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