9 Best 65 Inch 4K TVs Under $1000

Best 65 Inch 4K TVs Under $1000 Review

Have you always wanted a huge TV when youre on a budget? Its a common misconception that you cant get the best 65-inch TV under 1000 dollars, but the truth is, its more than possible! There are thousands of models out there to choose from, and its pretty easy to pick your perfect match when you know what to look for. 65-inch TVs are very accessible on the market today, but they werent always.

When televisions started becoming popular, some people never even imagined they would go so huge, yet we sometimes see this width as small. This is because there are bigger models available. Having a 65-inch TV is great if you have a family and want everyone to fit around it without any issues. For those of you on a budget, its more than possible to get yourself a stunning 4K TV under 1000 dollars. If you're not bothered by 4K, you can check out these 65-inch TVs for less than $1000.

Weve put together a list of the best 65-inch 4K TVs that are under $1000. Some of them have better qualities than others, but generally, theyre all outstanding models with a lot of character and personality. They have their benefits and their negative aspects too, but theyre great to have in any modern home theater. To help your search even further we have also included a buying guide, so you know what to look out for next time youre hunting for the best 4K TV under 1000 dollars. Got more of a budget? Try these 65-inch TVs below 1500 dollars. or these top-notch 65" tvs under $2000.

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Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500 Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300 LG 65SJ8000
  • Modern and Sleek Curved Design
  • Bright Native Colors and Uniform Black levels
  • Low Input Lag
  • Extra Smart Features
  • Good Quality for Money
  • Handles Motion Blur Well
  • Low Input Lag
  • Excellent Gray Uniformity
  • Smart Features
  • Sleek and Thin Design
  • Stable Center Stand
  • Affordable and Reasonable price range
  • Chrome Finished Sleek Design
  • Good Build Quality
  • Thin and Modern
  • Low Input Lag Ideal for Gamers
  • Excellent contrast
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1. Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500

Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500

Equipped with a 4K UHD resolution and an active crystal color panel, this Samsung model has a curved screen and many other useful features we absolutely love. It also has an auto-depth enhancer, so you can really experience another level of immersive viewing and adjust the multi-layer contrast levels. It is possibly the best budget 65-inch 4K TV out there on the market right now. It comes with smart functionality viewing, so you can connect your mobile phone to the big screen, or you can choose to stream your favorite YouTube channels or Netflix shows. There are no limits when it comes to this Samsung UN65MU7500 model.

It also has a low input lag, so its perfect for all those gamers out there who need a new toy. Its also responsive and performs well when showing action movies and fast-paced scenes, so its also ideal for movie and TV watchers. We love the design its so unique and modern. It would fit into any home theater since it has small borders and a center stand on which the unit sits. Generally, its a good Ultra HD TV. Considering the low price, you get a high-quality TV for the money. The blacks are uniform, and the native contrast colors are bright too. What more could you want from one of the best 65-inch TVs under 1000 dollars?


+ Modern and Sleek Curved Design

+ Bright Native Colors and Uniform Black levels

+ Low Input Lag

+ Extra Smart Features

+ Good Quality for Money

+ Handles Motion Blur Well

Why We Liked It - You always want to make the most for your money and this curved design Samsung Ultra HD TV really does provide you with a great and immersive viewing experience that everyone loves. Whether youre just wanting a calm movie night, or you want to play zombie video games until you fall asleep its a great TV for the whole family!

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2. Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300

Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300

Another better than average 4K resolution LED TV is this MU6300 model by Samsung. Its not the best 4K TV under 1000 dollars, but its still good quality and is an ideal choice for gamers and movie and TV watchers. The native contrast ratio is one of the best features it has as well as a nice design. This 4K Ultra HD TV isnt curved, but it still has small thin borders and a supportive center stand that stops the TV from wobbling and moving too much when young children are around.

The design is rather sleek, and when looking at the TV from an angle or the side, you can see how super thin it really is. If you were to mount this on a wall it would look great. The TVs overall gray uniformity is average, and this is a huge bonus, there are many TVs these days which have a below average uniformity, and this is definitely something to look out for. One of the main flaws of this 4K Ultra HD TV is that it has limited high dynamic range HDR capabilities. Although it has some tremendous smart features enabling users to stream their favorite movies and shows, it doesnt have the extras that some models have. Its not the best, but its also still really lovely quality considering its a budget TV.


+ Low Input Lag

+ Excellent Gray Uniformity

+ Smart Features

+ Sleek and Thin Design

+ Stable Center Stand

Why We Liked It - Samsung is a huge electronics brand that is consistently producing products and TVs that are great quality. Just because they release a TV that is cheaper and more budget-friendly than before doesnt mean that its lower quality this Ultra HD Smart LED TV is great for the price and still has a popular brand name on it to, so you know you can trust it. See more great Samsung TVs.

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3. LG 65SJ8000

LG 65SJ8000

For anyone who is looking to save a considerable amount of money but still purchases a great quality TV with a lot of good reviews and even better features, this LG model is a perfect choice. It has a 4K resolution and a sharp image quality, so you almost feel completely immersed in the thing youre watching. Forget about curved TVs, this model will storm all your expectations and show you how great budget TVs are meant to look and perform. It has a sleek chrome finished center stand and this supportive and ensured the unit doesnt wobble or fall. If youre wanting a TV that makes a statement, then this 4K Ultra HD TV is your answer. Its thin and looks great what more could you want?

The best 65-inch 4K TVs under 1000 dollars are those that look as though theyre priced higher than they are. The build quality of the SJ8000 is high, and although most of the rear is plastic, it still looks good. The native contrast could be better though, and this does let the TV down. It also lacks full-array local dimming as it is terrible (similar to other edge-lit TV models) when compared to other models, it really doesnt excel in this area.


+ Affordable and Reasonable price range

+ Chrome Finished Sleek Design

+ Good Build Quality

+ Thin and Modern

+ Low Input Lag Ideal for Gamers

+ Excellent contrast

Why We Liked It - Sometimes spending a little less on your new TV means you can spend the money on other important things such as treats and popcorn. Movie night just wouldnt be the same without those treats, and if you can save a little money on your TV design then its definitely worth it!

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4. LG Electronics 65UJ6300

LG Electronics 65UJ6300

Featuring one of the best low input lags and smart functionality platforms out there on the market, this LG UJ6300 4K Ultra HD TV has a beautiful design that will fit into any ordinary, modern home theater. It sits on two edge spider legs and has a predominantly black exterior. This is great if youre looking for something that fits into any home theater, no matter what color or style you have your living area. However, while we like the basic design, it isnt everyones choice, and it wont make the room look any better as it definitely isnt the centerpiece of any room.

Although its not curved it does have some other significant aspects, the picture quality is good and when in a dark room you can really see the good black uniformity of the 4K Ultra HD TV itself. The bright colors of this model are slightly disappointing, but this isnt anything too major and doesnt directly affect your viewing experience. Another good aspect of this Ultra HD Smart LED TV is that it has a wide viewing angle and unlike other models, it performs well when youre looking at it from an angle. Considering this is lower priced than other models its probably one of the best value 65 inch 4K TVs out there!


+ Wide Viewing Angle

+ Good Black Uniformity

+ Basic and Simple Design

+ Low Input Lag

Why We Liked It - Gamers love TVs with a low input lag, but so do movie watchers! Its great to invest your money into a 4K Ultra HD TV that is worth every penny. Making sure that everyone will use it as much as they can is good too so youll make spending your money worthwhile.

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5. Vicks Vul520w

Samsung Electronics UN65MU7000

If you love a TV that looks great and performs well even at a lower price range than other models, this Samsung MU7000 4K Ultra HD TV is definitely for you! Its pretty identical to other Samsung models but even better when it comes to colors, native contrast ratio, and black uniformity. It also feels super premium, this may be due to its chrome finish, or its super sleek thin borders. The build quality is great too, and you would never be able to tell that this is a budget 4K UHD TV.

One of the best features of this MU7000 4K Ultra HD TV is the excellent native contrast ratio, it can display deep blacks and make dark scenes in your favorite movies really nice. Overall, the picture and sound quality of this 4K UHD TV is up to a great standard. Unfortunately, it does have one major flaw though, this is that the picture quality deteriorates at an angle. If youre having lots of people around watching sports or shows the TV, then this could mean their experience is bad and not as good as yours. The 65-inch model could also be brighter and more vibrant.


+ Performs Well

+ Excellent Deep Black Uniformity

+ Good Sound Quality

+ Sleek Chrome Design

Why We Liked It - 4K resolution is a huge advantage to any TV model, even though this model is a little lower priced than other models it still has a sharp image quality. There is nothing better than getting your monies worth!

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6. Perfect Aire PAU13

LG Electronics 65UJ7700

Sporting a unique design with two matte gray spider legs on either edge of the unit, this LG 4K Ultra HD TV is a little quirky compared to other models out there. Its versatile, has a 4K resolution as well as a low input lag. The design is also pretty neat, and despite being a budget TV, it looks higher end. The basic features on the 65-inch 4K UHD TV are great, but there are also a few nice touches that seem even better on this 4K Ultra HD TV. It has excellent smart features and an alternative pixel structure which is nice too.

When considering the thickness of this Ultra HD Smart LED TV, its evident from the side view that you can easily mount it on a wall without any problems and it will look perfect. The native contrast colors are below average for an LED TV which is a downfall but not anything too major. Another flaw is the black uniformity, its pretty bad. When the full-array local dimming is turned off the screen appears clouding in some regions of the Smart TV which can affect your viewing pleasure. Yet, we would say for the money youre paying, it is going to be flawed. Despite this, the sound quality is good which isnt usually the case for a budget model. Its definitely one of the best 65 inch 4K TV 2017 models.


+ Unique Matte Design

+ Excellent Smart Features

+ Versatile 4K Resolution

Why We Liked It - The design is pretty unique, and its always nice to find something different from the rest. Budget 4K Ultra HD TV TVs often have the same design that can get boring, but if you want something even better and more unique, this 65-inch model is the best choice for you.

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7. Perfect Aire PAU16

Samsung Electronics UN65MU6500

Following on from this, another curved TV design makes it onto this list of the best 65-inch 4K TV under 1000 dollars. The Samsung UN65MU6500 65-inch model has a good picture quality and produces uniform blacks without any issues or major problems. Whats even better is the high contrast and low input lag. This 4K Ultra HD TV has, nothing compares! We definitely wouldnt say its the best UHD TV under 1000 dollars that is available on the market right now, but its a good contender.

This model also has excellent smart features which are useful if youre wanting to stream or watch movies and TV shows online rather than on free view TV. The design of this 65-inch 4K UHD TV is nice, its basic but has a stable center stand that ensures it wont fall or hurt any young children. However, it does lack character. While it may not have any major flaws, the sound quality is below average, and it doesnt tend to handle motion blur well either. These minor flaws can often add up and show how low priced this 4K Ultra HD TV is.


+ High Contrast Ration

+ Low Input Lag

+ Excellent Smart Features

Why We Liked It - Its not often that you find a really good quality budget TV that will serve you and your family well. This model is a great choice for anyone who wants to watch movies with their loved ones but also save a lot of extra money its such a reasonable price.

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8. LG 65UJ6540

LG 65UJ6540

This LG 4K Ultra HD TV features a high dynamic range HDR effect, 4K resolution, and good local dimming. Need we say anymore? Its a great choice if you like LG as a brand or want to save yourself some money but still get one of the best cheap 4K TVs under 1000 dollars. Particularly ideal for those on a budget, this model has a wide color gamut and lots of extra smart features. One of the best aspects of this model is the great sound quality. This Smart TV features two powerful speakers that ensure youre always getting the best sound. To make it even better, you can always get yourself some external speakers to turn your room into a home theater.

The color of this 65-inch model is different from other models, and it enhances its attractiveness. Since it has good color, the black frame appears thinner and sleeker which is a huge bonus. This wide color gamut TV would certainly fit into any modern home theater, so thats nothing to worry about. One huge flaw it faces, and probably the only one is that its higher priced than other models. This Ultra HD Smart LED TV is still under $1000 but only just. This 4K Ultra HD TV is consistently rising in price and may eventually be higher than that $1000 mark.


+ Good Local Dimming

+ Attractive Color Accuracy and Design

+ Wide color gamuts

Why We Liked It - Its an LG 65-inch model, so you know its going to be good quality, it also has a good sound system and excellent picture quality. The UJ6540 model is definitely a model youll want in your home theater.

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9. LG Electronics 65SJ8500

LG Electronics 65SJ8500

This model is very similar to other models in that it has a low input lag and is responsive for gaming and action-packed movies. Yet, why isnt it the best TV under $1000? There are many reasons this TV doesnt rate higher. The main flaw it faces is the lack of black uniformity. The blacks are blotchy and lack the contrast a good quality TV would have. It also has below average sound quality which means if youre going to invest in this 4K Ultra HD TV, you may want to get yourself some speakers or a soundbar too.

Despite this, it has a wide viewing angle and the ability to reproduce a wide range of colors which is good if you want to feel totally involved in the movie or game world youre experiencing. It also has good smart features and a bright high dynamic range HDR feature.


+ Low Input Lag

+ Wide Viewing Angle

Why We Liked It - The SJ8500 is possibly the best 4K TV under 800 dollars. The market is flooded with lots of choices but this 4K Ultra HD TV is particularly great if you want to buy a Smart TV, but youre not too bothered about the smaller and finer details.


65 Inch 4K TV Under 1000 Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying A Budget 65 Inch 4K TV?

Knowing the features of a good budget TV is what makes or breaks your purchase. 65-inch 4K TVs can often be expensive, and when youre paying a smaller amount, then you could end up with a model that doesnt really look or perform well. This is the worry when you buy something on a budget, and its entirely reasonable to be stressed about whether your 65-inch TV will be the best it can. You dont want to waste your money, but you also dont want anyone to be disappointed either which is why you need to ensure you keep the best features in mind before you purchase your new TV.

Your new 65-inch TV wont have all of these features, but the best ones will have 1 or 2 that you can spot before purchasing it. Ensuring your TV performs well means youre guaranteed to be happy and have lots of movie and TV nights with your favorite small people!

  • A Curved Design is a desirable feature if you love something a little more high-end. It tends to regularly seduce customers with its unique look and its ability to provide an immersive experience. Its good to keep your eye out for a curved design because its something a little different and it looks expensive. If youre choosing a TV under 1000 dollars but want the higher-end to look then having a curved design screen could be your best choice. Its not recommended for those who want to mount it on a wall as it seems a lot better when its standing free on a table or unit. Plus, its always good to keep your options open and choose the best TV that suits your style and requirements.


  • 4K Resolution isnt a necessity as you could to opt for a 1080p resolution. In terms of 4K VS 1080p, having 4K as an option is great if you want a sharp and clear picture. Since youre buying a 65-inch TV screen, you want to ensure you get the best picture and image quality when you purchase your new toy. 4K is Ultra High Definition (also known as UHD), and its one of the highest screen resolutions you can get on the market right now. Its always worth looking at the better TVs available to you if you have the budget and for $1000 you should be able to get a good quality TV.


  • Multiple Inputs for anything you want to connect to it, this could be anything from an Xbox to a Blue-Ray player. If youre a gamer, then you may wish to even more ports for all the different plugins, from consoles to cables. Its important to have enough inputs on your TV to ensure you get the best experience possible and youre not wasting money. Some TVs will only have one or two inputs which arent ideal, and this is why you should take a look at this feature before you purchase your TV.

Which Samsung 65 Inch 4K TV Under 1000 Dollars?

It has got to be the UN65MU7500 model. It is one of the best TVs you can buy anyway! Samsung never surprises us with the fantastic quality of their best budget TVs.

Samsung Or LG Budget 65 Inch 4K TV?

Both brands are great and consistently produce cheap 4K TVs that are good quality and reasonably priced. Yet, we have to side with Samsung here. Theyre an older brand and tend to create more budget models with better features. If youre looking for a budget 65-inch Ultra HD TV, then Samsung is probably the brand to turn too.

Best Budget 65 Inch 4K TV?

Again, Samsung wins this with their UN65MU6300 cheap 65-inch 4K TV. Its lower priced than other models but still has great smart features and good sound quality too. What more could you want from a budget TV? Nothing! It has it all.

Expert Tip

Cheaper doesnt always mean worse quality, you should look into a product to see what features or extras it has. Just because a TV is lower priced than other models doesnt mean to say its not going to be high quality. You may be surprised at the quality of the TV.

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Remote controls for TVs were only introduced in the 1980s which is over 50 years after the release of the first TV in America.

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