10 Best 65 Inch TVs Under $1500 in 2018

Best 65 Inch TV Under $1500 Review

The size of a TV can often determine how pleasurable your viewing experience is meaning having a 65-inch TV can really improve your whole familys life when it comes to watching a movie or TV show. There are so many people investing their time and money into new TVs because theyre such good quality and have amazing extra features.

Then there are the models that are under $1500 too, these are some of the best 65-inch TVs you can get! Dont let their lower price deter you from buying these less expensive models because despite what people say, a lot of work goes into making them perfect. Its always great to save yourself some money and if this means you have to shop around a little more than you thought initially then so be it!

Budget TVs often come with the misconception that theyre bad quality and dont have what other models do, but theyre actually great! Got more money to spend? Try these 65-inch 4K TVs under $2000.

Weve compiled a list of the top best 65-inch TV for the money and reviewed them in depth. Weve also added a buying guide to help you out if youre on the hunt for the perfect 65-inch TV under $1500. Got less of a budget for this type of TV? Try this review of the top 65inch 4K TVs under $1000.

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We hope this buying guide and list of top 10 TVs will help you find the right one in the jungle of products on the market right now. Since there are so many different units to search through, you need to know what to look out for and what makes a good budget TV. Want to try a little less? See these TVs for less than $1000.

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Samsung Electronics UN65MU8500 Samsung UN65KU6500LG Electronics 65SJ8000
  • Great HDR Performance
  • Excellent Smart Features
  • Amazing Image Quality
  • Sleek and Modern Design
  • Low Input Lag
  • Great Native Color Contrast Ratio
  • Good Quality Picture
  • Smart Features
  • Curved Design
  • 4K Resolution
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Newer Display Technology
  • Optimal Viewing Angles
  • Looks High-End and Expensive
  • Thin Borders and Curved Stand
  • Low Input Lag
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1. Samsung Electronics UN65MU8500

Samsung Electronics UN65MU8500

Definitely better than average, this Samsung MU8500 model is a 65-inch 4K smart TV that has a curved design and looks very aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Its capable of displaying bright and bold colors as it has the High Dynamic Range HDR feature for even more saturated 4K content. The design is sleek, modern and it has a chrome finish which makes it look even more high end. Even though youll have bought it on a budget, it wont look like that to a stranger this 65-Inch 4K UHD TV has some great extra features and will be the center point of your living area. Whats even better is that its super thin and can be easily mounted to any wall you want with the right TV wall mount!

A very important feature is picture quality and sometimes even though a TV or brand will state it is a higher resolution, this doesnt mean to say its good. Yet, this Samsung MU8500 65-Inch 4K UHD TV has an excellent, clear image quality. This makes it perfect for watching movies and even playing video games, on top of this, it has a low input lag so gamers will love to plug their console in and get started.

The model has a great native contrast meaning the black level uniformity is also perfect, and the colors will always seem the brightest theyve ever been! There are practically no faults with this 65-Inch 4K UHD TV which is a huge reason why we love it.


+ Great HDR Performance

+ Excellent Smart Features

+ Amazing Image Quality

+ Sleek and Modern Design

+ Low Input Lag

+ Great Native Color Contrast Ratio

Why We Liked It - There is a common misconception that budget TVs arent good quality and that they look cheap, this couldnt be any further from the truth. This 65-Inch 4K UHD TV by Samsung looks like its worth thousands and its definitely worth the money you pay. We love good value 4K TVs at a smaller price, it means you can spend your money on other things too!

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2. Samsung UN65KU6500

Samsung UN65KU6500

Another 4K resolution model is the KU6500 by Samsung. This 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV offers a good quality picture and lots of smart features so you can stream and download your favorite movies and TV shows with just a click of the button! It performs particularly well in a dark room due to having a high contrast ratio, meaning that the colors really pop when theyre in a darker setting. This is ideal for any horror movie fans out there who love to set the scene and have their living area or bedroom super dark when theyre watching a movie or two.

The design is slightly different from our top pick as it has a matte black finish rather than chrome and it also has a central stand instead of two spider legs. This UHD TV still super sleek though, from a side view its relatively thin so it can be mounted on a wall and it looks great in any modern living space. This 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV also curved so any TV watcher who likes to feel involved and immersed in the movie or show will love this model a lot! One flaw that lets this model down is the sound quality its not a major issue with TVs as you can invest in surround sound bars or Bluetooth speakers, but it isnt great when youre paying a large sum of money.


+ Good Quality Picture

+ Smart Features

+ Curved Design

+ 4K Resolution

+ Matte Black Finish

Why We Liked It - This Samsung 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is one of the cheaper UHD TVs on the list but still gets great reviews from customers, even though its a budget TV, its still worth investing your time and money into it because its really good quality. You can definitely tell a lot of energy has gone into creating this wonderful model!

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3.LG Electronics 65SJ8000

LG 65SJ8000

Think super thin borders and a smart curved stand, then think beautiful bright colors and a huge TV screen. Thats the LG SJ8000 model. Its very aesthetically pleasing and doesnt disappoint when it comes to the image quality or input lag. While gamers might want to plug their console into this amazing model, the movie watchers in the house wont want to hand over the remote control! It has 4K resolution and a bright High Dynamic Range HDR feature, so all your viewing is sure to be the best quality possible. It also doesnt disappoint when it comes to motion blur and sound quality too.

The unit stands on a unique-styled center stand that is slightly curved. The actual TV screen itself isnt curved, but it does have optimal viewing from any angle which is rare for a TV of such a low price. One great thing about this LG Electronics 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV is that it looks super high-quality and expensive, but its the same price as many other UHD TVs. However, the black level uniformity and grays arent the best meaning if youre watching a horror movie or want to view in the dark, the darker colors wont appear as good as they would on some UHD TVs. It also is quite thick for a flat TV meaning you may not want to mount it on a wall.


+ Newer Display Technology

+ Optimal Viewing Angles

+ Looks High-End and Expensive

+ Thin Borders and Curved Stand

+ Low Input Lag

Why We Liked It - Sometimes lower priced 4K TVs can look cheap and terrible quality, this 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV is one of the main reasons why people dont want to buy them often. This LG Electronics TV is just fantastic, it looks great and doesnt have a huge price tag attached either which is even better!

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4. Samsung UN65JU6700FXZA

Samsung UN65JU6700FXZA

Samsung always seems to save the day with their cheap 65-inch UHD TVs and this JU6700 model is no different. Its slightly different to the other best budget 65-inch TVs on this list since its finished with a shiny black design and a somewhat unique center stand. Yet, it still has a 4K resolution and an excellent quality picture. It even has a low input lag so all those gamers will be super happy!

Whether youre viewing this 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV in a bright or dark room, it will still have a stunning image quality which is a huge bonus for a budget TV. The smart features are another advantage of the TV model itself as you can now stream your favorite TV shows and movies on apps such as Now TV and Netflix. Yet, it still has some minor flaws, one of these is the sound quality, and the other is the motion blur. Motion blur is only genuinely affected if you tend to watch a lot of fast-paced and action-packed TV shows and movies, but it isnt too much of a problem so dont worry about it if youre purchasing this model.


+ Shiny Unique Black Finish and Design

+ Good Picture Quality

+ Excellent Smart Features

+ Curved TV Screen

+ Stunning HDR Performance

Why We Liked It - Despite various mixed reviews of this 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, its worth every cent you pay for it. Its relatively inexpensive so you wont break the bank, but youll still be able to have the ultimate movie nights with your family!

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5.Samsung Electronics QN65Q7F

Samsung Electronics QN65Q7F

If youre looking for a well-rounded 4K TV for a reasonable price with some stunning extra features, this Samsung Q7F top-rated 4K TV should be your top pick! It has a broad color gamut meaning you can see every aspect of the TV screen when its playing a movie. It also has excellent motion handling and a low input lag this means all you gamers out there may rejoice at how unique this model is! Its super good value for money too!

Fitted with the newest display technology, this QLED TV is an improvement on the other models because of its sleek stand and super thin, chrome finished borders. What more could you want? Nothing! This 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV has an excellent native contrast and 4K resolution, there are very few flaws with this Samsung model. Something we cannot ignore though is the lack of local dimming, its not great. This is a common theme with Samsung models which is a disappointing find. The image quality also degrades at an angle which can be a negative if you have a lot of people around watching it.


+ Low Input Lag

+ Sleek and Chrome Finished Design

+ 4K Resolution

+ Wide Color Gamut

+ QLED TV Technology

Why We Liked It - This QLED TV a little unique when compared to other models, why wouldnt you love it? We think its different and very good value for money, theres not much more you could want from a TV really.

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6. Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000

Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000

Are you wanting something with good peak brightness and modern features? This Samsung MU8000 model is definitely your answer if you are! It has a 4K resolution TV screen and offers an excellent picture and TV sound quality which is rare for a budget TV. There are very few flaws with this model since its a little pricier than other Smart TVs that Samsung produces.

The design of this 65-Inch 4K UHD TV is sleek, it has super thin borders, and chrome finished spider legs on either side of the unit. This means you can mount it to the wall if you want but if you dont, you need to ensure you have a large table to place it on. The build quality is excellent too, it looks very high-end and expensive which is a bonus. The native contrast ratio is also high so black levels will appear deep, and other colors look great too.


+ Good Peak Brightness

+ Smart Features

+ Sleek Chrome Finished Design

+ Excellent Build Quality

Why We Liked It - Any modern home theater can look even better with a good quality TV in the living space. This 65-Inch 4K HDR television is definitely a good value for money! The smart features are a huge bonus, and the chrome finish looks neat too.

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7. LG Electronics 65SJ8500

LG Electronics 65SJ8500

A similar model to the LG Electronics SJ800 is the SJ8500 model. It has the same look and has a center curved stand to keep it stable and secure. It also has a 4K resolution and a low input lag. Yet, the picture quality isnt up to the standard you might expect. It has great smart features and handles motion blur well. Despite this, it lacks a lot of, and the TV sound quality is lacking too.

The viewing angle is wide, and its relatively responsive TV for gaming which is a bonus if youre wanting to plug in your Xbox or another console. It can also reproduce a range of colors which is great if you love the beautiful aesthetic of scenery and other movie scenes. You can really see how bright the colors are when you watch TV shows or movies showing a festival or party! Watching this SJ8500 model will totally immerse you in the viewing experience.


+ Good at Motion Handling

+ Responsive for Gaming

+ Wide Viewing Angle

Why We Liked It - There are other models very similar, but something about this Samsung 4K television really does stand out to us. Its super sleek and looks great in any modern living space which is great if youre wanting to add a little something to your home theater.

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8. Samsung UN65KU7000FXZA

Samsung UN65KU7000FXZA

Sometimes average is a better than anything else if you want something simple and good quality for the money the Samsung KU7000 Smart LED TV should be your top choice. It has a good picture quality and an average TV sound quality. The design is basic and nothing special but its still stable and well built so you shouldnt worry about having any issues. The center stand provides sufficient support for the unit, and the textured borders and stands add a little something different to the model.

Its also thin which is good if youre wanting to mount it on a wall. Other than this, it needs a lot of improvement. It is poor at handling motion meaning it often judders during fast-paced movies and TV shows. The HDR performance feature is included, but the performance of it is minimal which is disappointing. The picture quality also deteriorates at an angle which isnt a huge flaw but is still something to consider.


+ Basic and Simple Design

+ Stable and Well-Built

+ Easy to Mount on a Wall

Why We Liked It - A house always looks better when theres a huge TV in the middle of the living space, this model is reasonably priced and has some extra features that everyone is sure to love. Its basic and doesnt have a lot else to offer, but overall, its a nice model and Smart LED TV to have.

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9. Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500

Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500

Curved TV screens are becoming more popular as they look great and provide the user with an immersive experience. The 4K resolution is excellent on this Smart TV, it has a wide color gamut and some useful features considering the relatively low price. Its not the best 65-inch TV under 1000 dollars out there, but its a good contender. Overall, we really like this model and what it offers. The smart features are ideal for streaming on YouTube and Netflix, and it handles motion great too.

Yet, this 4K television does have some flaws. This includes the stand it sits on. Its not stable, and there have been reviews saying you have to be careful around young children. The TVs sound quality is also not great, if youre going to invest your money into this model, then you should also look at surround sound bars or Bluetooth speakers too.


+ Curved TV Screen

+ 4K Resolution

Why We Liked It - The HDR performance feature provides users with a stunningly immersive experience, they wont want to get up and make themselves a drink never mind leave the TV to sit there without anyone watching it. We love the high-quality build of this model too.

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10. LG 65UJ6540

LG 65UJ6540

Fitted with 4K resolution and good local dimming, this LG model is a reasonable price considering the extra features it has. It has an excellent sound quality which many budget TVs dont have, this is because it has two external speaker systems that are very powerful. It also has a wide color gamut, so pictures seem super bright and colorful even with the peak brightness setting set lower than average.

Its a good 4K television if you want something simple, but it does have some flaws that are major. Its on the higher-end of the price range so you wont save a lot of money if you invest in this model. It also isnt great at motion handling and often judders when fast-paced movies are playing. Despite this, its still good value for money.


+ Good Local Dimming

+ Reasonable Price

Why We Liked It - Its a good quality 4K television but doesnt have too many extra features that might complicate how you work with it. We love simple budegt TVs as they are ideal for any family or couple, even those who arent good with display technology!

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65 Inch TV Under $1500 Buying Guide

What to Look for in a 65 Inch TV Under $1500?

Knowing what features make a TV better is essential when youre shopping for a budget TV that is under $1500. Sometimes brands can produce TVs that arent great for a budget price because they assume customers wont look into the features and aspects of the TV itself, but it couldnt be even more wrong! Not every model is going to have these features, they may just have one or two. Whatever they have, it will improve how we perceive them. There are so many models out there in the jungle of technology. Having the knowledge of what makes a particular model better will really ensure you make the most of your purchase.

Nobody wants to spend a considerable amount of their own money on a TV for it not to be good quality some of these features and aspects ensure you get an even better TV than you thought and your money isnt being wasted on a lousy quality TV.

HDR Feature This stands for high dynamic range and is the sharpness of color accuracy on the TV screen. If your TV has an HDR feature, it means it has a high contrast ratio showing a brighter or darker TV when playing scenes. Having a better dynamic range is always great as it means the TV has an improved quality. You know youre getting a high-quality TV when it has this feature. Who wouldnt want a TV that displays a sharp, bright, crisp image? We know we do!

Smart TV Features Although smart platforms arent the make or break of the situation or purchase, they are a key to know when a TV is of fantastic quality. The best quality TVs have smart features, and typically they will only be included

High Resolution (4K Resolution) Most TVs will be HD, especially if the TV screen is 65 inches wide. You will either get an HD TV that has a 1080p resolution or 4K Ultra HD Definition. Either of these is fine as long as you want a good quality TV. Even though youre looking for a TV on a budget, they will still be HD, so theres no need to worry about that. Just be sure though, we would recommend you check out the resolution before you buy a TV.

There is almost no point in buying a TV that is below this resolution because you wont be getting something that is good value for money. 720p resolution isnt bad, but there are plenty of choices if your budget is around $1500 so dont settle for anything less than the best. See some great 4K TVs below $1500 in this review!

Which 65 Inch 4K TV Under 1500?

Its always going to be the Samsung Electronics UN65MU8500 65-Inch 4K UHD TV! It has so many extra stunning features. We simply cant fault it! It looks beautiful and adds something special to your living space.

Best Samsung 65 Inch TV Under $1500?

Again, it has to be the Samsung Electronics UN65MU8500 model. There is virtually nothing wrong with, and its ideal for anyone who wants an amazing quality TV at a reasonable price.

Best LG 65 Inch TV Under $1500?

The LG 65SJ8000 wins this one! LG is a good brand you can always rely on, and this model is particularly good if youre wanting to save a little money.

Expert Tip

Look for a TV that is either HDR compatible or has an HDR feature, it really does improve your viewing experience. If you love to watch movies, then youll definitely see the difference between your new and old TV if it has this feature. Its such a stunning add-on.

Did You Know?

As well as streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on a smart TV, you can scroll through your social media channels and enjoy funny tweets from your friends on the big TV screen. Forget about using your phone for your social media needs, start using your TV instead!

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