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Best 75 Inch TV Review

With the popularity increase of larger TVs, there are now more 75-inch 4K TVs on the market than there ever have been before. As a society, we now have the mentality that bigger is better, and theres nothing wrong with that, especially when you want to get a new extra-large TV to place in your home. When you have a big family, you all have to sit around the TV with no issues or arguments. This is only possible with a bigger model, so why wouldnt you want to purchase something a little more? Since technology is always moving forward, its great to keep up with the latest models to see how much theyve improved over recent years.

Weve put together a list a list of the top 10 best 75-inch TVs to buy on Amazon, to help you unravel the jungle of products available on the market right now. When youre not sure what youre looking for, it can be challenging to choose the perfect TV for all your needs. Yet, weve also included a 75inch TV buying guide to give you more of an idea about which TVs you should be buying and which ones to stay away from.

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1. Samsung UN75NU8000

Samsung UN75NU8000 Premium UHD TV

Anyone who wants a 4K versatile 75-inch TV will fall in love with the Samsung UN75NU8000 model. It has a good picture quality and is fantastic at handling motion. Are you all movie junkies in your family? Dont worry, this TV is the perfect home theater. It even includes a Bixby voice control assistant in case you dont want to use the remote control!

If youre on the hunt for the ultimate gaming TV and love large screen sizes, this model has a low input lag so you can be sure it will showcase your favorite games comfortably. The design is also another huge plus for this NU8000 model. It has a solid horizontal stand at the front which would be the perfect place to sit a soundbar (if you want too!). Its coated in a silver metal too, so its ideal for any modern household. To top off the design element, it has sleek 0.35-inch borders and is very thin when viewed from the side. Its the perfect choice if youre wanting a huge TV to mount on the wall.

The HDR peak brightness is a lot better than other Samsung models which means if youre planning on watching the TV a lot, youll never get bored of the bright colors. There is only one main issue with this model, and its the viewing angle. When you view the TV from around a 37-degree angle, the picture starts to deteriorate. Although its not a major issue, youll just have to ensure the family sits at the front during movie night.

+ Good HDR Peak Brightness
+ Excellent Picture Quality
+ 4K Resolution
+ Low Input Lag (Ideal for Gaming)
+ Sleek and Modern Design
+ Bixby Voice Control Feature

Why We Liked It - Its rare to find a super good quality TV that has some cool extras, the voice control feature on this unit is something that definitely sells it even more! Who doesnt want complete control of their TV without a remote control? Its such a great element!

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2. Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000

Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 75inch ultra hd tv

For a capable and modern-designed 4K TV, looking at the Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 model will take your breath away. Most content will play well on this TV, including movies and your favorite TV shows. It also has a low input lag meaning if youre wanting to connect a video games console then you can, and itll work great! Its very reasonably priced too, so its ideal for any family or couple looking to find a budget TV for their home or apartment.

The overall design of the Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 budget TV is sleek and modern, it has a metal coating and stands on 2 spider legs at each end of the unit. Its possibly one of the better designed Samsung models as although it has a bigger footprint, it doesnt wobble or fall when its knocked or pushed. This does mean that if youre going to purchase this 75-inch 4K TV, youll need a unit big enough to fit it on. Or, you could mount it to the wall. Its super thin so would work either way.

The picture quality on this model is impressive, it has a high native contrast that can provide deep blacks which means a better movie experience, and who doesnt want that? This budget 4K TV only has the minor issue of the sound quality. Although its not the worst quality, its not the best either. If youre planning on buying this TV just bear in mind that the sound isnt as good as the picture quality.

+ Excellent Picture Quality
+ High Native Contrast and Gray Uniformity
+ Reasonably Priced
+ Sleek Design
+ Plays Video Games and Movies Well

Why We Liked It - Sometimes a less expensive TV is ideal for anyone on a budget. Yet, you dont want to sacrifice the quality of your new TV just because you dont want to spend a little more. This MU8000 model is still a good size while also being high quality yet the price point doesnt show how good it really is.

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3. Samsung UN75J6300

Samsung UN75J6300 75inch 1080p tv

Making the leap to a 4K TV can be difficult, and if you dont have the budget or energy to try it out, a 1080p resolution option could be the way forward. The Samsung UN75J6300 model is the ideal choice if you regularly find yourself stuck in a rut. Its a top-of-the-line product, and although its now a few years old (started manufacturing in 2015) it, therefore, means you get a high price. Dont think that just because its a little older, its any less capable than the newest and latest TVs to buy out there, if anything, its above them!

Its sleek design, and thin borders mean it will fit right into your home with no problems. The v-shaped stand centered on the unit is made from plastic but finished with a spray painting of color, so it doesnt look cheap. Despite this nice-looking design, it does tend to wobble if its knocked or pushed so we would recommend being careful around young children.

Its the perfect pick for any movie lovers as the picture quality is great, the deep blacks along with the gray uniformity make every movie seem totally real. Since it is older than other Samsung models, it doesnt feature a High Dynamic Range or have a wide range of colors. It also doesnt have a very good input lag meaning its not the TV gamers should choose. Yet, its still a pretty good find if youre wanting a good quality TV at an affordable price.

+ Affordable
+ 1080p Resolution
+ Good Design
+ Excellent Picture Quality
+ No Confusing Features

Why We Liked It - For some families a 75 TV isnt even a thought because of their price. Yet, these slightly older models give everyone the choice of picking something a little bigger than usual. The kids will love it and so will you, the bigger, the better we say! And, why should you have to pay should a big price for it?

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4. Samsung Electronics UN75MU6300

Samsung Electronics UN75MU6300

Another 4K LED TV choice is the UN75MU6300 model from Samsung. This 4K LED TV has smart features and provides users with a good quality image that is better than average. It also has an amazing sleek, smart design that will blend into any modern home. This 4K Smart LED TV pretty much the same as other Samsung models with a V-shaped center stand and thin borders (0.67 inches). Its also quite thin when viewed from the side angle. Perfect for any family who wants to fit their new 75-inch TV in the right place.

The picture quality isnt something to shout about though, its okay, but we wouldnt say its excellent. The contrast ratio of this 4K Smart TV is excellent, but the local dimming virtually doesnt exist. As well as this, the top and sides of the TV screen tend to get warm when its on for an extended period of time. Although this isnt a significant issue, its still something to consider if youre going to be using this TV daily.

Yet, this MU6300 4K Smart LED TV has a low input lag so all you gamers can make the most of it by playing your favorite video games when no one else is watching it. Its also excellent for watching sports as it has good motion handling. Football and racing fans can genuinely unite over the sheer quality of this model! Its an ideal choice for any sports or gaming fan.

+ Ideal for Playing Video Games or Watching Sports
+ 4K Resolution
+ Nice Design
+ Good Motion Handling

Why We Liked It - Its any sports fans dream to have a 75 TV in their living room to watch their favorite shows. Why wouldnt you want a good quality TV in your home that can play games and sports really well? This Smart 4K TV even ideal for watching HDR movies too, so the whole family is happy!

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5. Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000

Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000

Have you ever wanted to be super spooked out by a scary movie? Or maybe you want the perfect scene for a zombie game? The deep blacks and high native contrast of the UN75MU9000 by Samsung will leave you wanting more!

The design of this model is something a little different to what Samsung normally produce. Although it has a V-shaped center stand, its metal meaning its super stable. The TV feels very premium and has some nice touches that make it stand out as a great family TV. The borders are thin (only 0.39 inches!) which means you dont have to worry about it looking super bulky in your living room. Its one of the thinnest TVs viewed from the side with a unique thin top going into a thicker bottom. We love it.

Although this model is pricey, you can feel the expense in the build quality as its very durable and well-constructed. The picture quality is excellent too so there is no doubt that youll be watching all the newest movies on it. Yet, the sound quality is a let down for this model, although its quite loud, there are other models with the much better sound quality for the same or a lower price. The image is lost when viewing this TV from an angle, and it has poor local dimming too, this is something that Samsung has addressed in some of their latest models.

+ Excellent Design and Build Quality
+ Stable
+ Ideal for Watching Movies
+ 4K Resolution

Why We Liked It - The design is a little out there and pretty unique, its always good to stand out for the right reasons, and this model definitely does! Its extra features and feels super premium without the large price tag.

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6. LG Electronics 75UJ6470

LG uhd tv 75UJ6470

With extra smart functionalities giving you access to your favorite apps and internet browsing, this LG 75UJ6470 model is the perfect home TV. It has 4K resolution and detailing of HDR content for a super life-like picture. Its a great pick for the movie and HDR game lovers so it can make the viewer feel like theyre in the fictional world!

The TV screen stands on two spider legs at the ends of the unit meaning youll need a lot of space for this huge TV. Its also pretty heavy (weighing in at over 92 pounds) so it wouldnt be ideal to start moving this unit all over the house. Wed recommend if youre going to move this unit that two people take it at each end, this can mean accidents are avoided.

Despite being good value for money, its not a very bright TV, and the pixel structure is less accurate than other models. Its also not the best at motion handling so you may need to be careful watching fast-paced and action-packed movies or TV shows on this. Overall though, its a good purchase.

+ 4K Resolution
+ Thin and Sleek Build
+ Extra Smart Functionalities
+ Excellent Picture Quality

Why We Liked It - Who doesnt want to sit around a huge 75 inch 4K TV and stuff their faces with snacks and popcorn? We definitely want too! This Samsung model is the perfect movie companion and will be loved by the whole family. That picture quality is super good!

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7. LG Electronics 75SJ8570

LG Electronics 75SJ8570

The LG 75SJ8570 4K Ultra HD is one of the sleekest, smart TVs around. It features a low input lag so gamers can play all their favorite picks, great motion blur so you can make the most of your movie choices, and fantastic image quality. Its a real dark horse produced by the LG brand that not too many people know of.

The HDR is definitely something to get excited about since its very bright and the wide color gamut too, what more would you want from a family TV? Its the ultimate choice. Yet, whats disappointing about this 4K Ultra HD is that the blacks arent deep and overall the quality of the gray and blacks is quite poor. Despite this, its still a nice TV with an even nicer price tag.

We love the look and style of this Super UHD 75inch 4K TV; the screen sits on a centered curved stand, and the borders are averagely thin, so theres nothing to worry about when it comes to the modernness of this TV unit. Its also super UHD and has a 4K resolution, so its an ideal choice for any technology nerd who loves knowing the ins and outs of the TV.

+ 4K Resolution & Super UHD
+ Sleek and Curved Stand
+ Wide Color Gamut

Why We Liked It - For a 75 inch TV its relatively lightweight which means if youre needing to move it when youve purchased it then you can! Its a nice-looking family TV that everyone can make use out of. From watching your favorite TV show to playing a video game, there is an endless amount of things you can do with this LG smart TV.

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8. LG Electronics 75UH8500

LG Electronics 75UH8500

While the picture quality of the LG 75UH8500 model might not be revolutionary, its a great choice for all those who want a smart TV on the Smart TV platform for a lower price. Its still 75 inches, so youre getting a huge TV and its great value for money too. Unlike most 75 inch 4K TVs, the side viewing angle is almost perfect so you can have everyone around the TV without worrying that their view is bad.

Its definitely a modern looking TV with thick top and bottom borders then thinner side ones. This makes the TV fit in with any living room. One of the best things about this choice is that the stand is made of stainless steel. Therefore, anyone looking to add cables to their TV will have enough space to hide them without anyone knowing theyre there.

Yet, the contrast level and picture quality is something that is very disappointing in this model. While it is HDR ready and can play 4K content, its not the best TV around. Plus, the lower resolution content such as DVDs looks great. Another issue is the local dimming, the low and medium values are the most useful but when on the highest setting the performance is inferior. The gray uniformity of this model is also not great, there are clear banding issues that LG havent resolved even though theyve had problems with it from previous models.

+ Modern and Sleek Design
+ Stainless Steel Stand
+ HDR Ready

Why We Liked It - LG is a reliable and favorite brand when you purchase a TV from them, you know its going to be good quality. You almost cant go wrong with a TV from them, and this 75UH8500 model is no different. Its a price youll love, and the whole family will make use of it too!

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9. Samsung UN75KS9000

Samsung UN75KS9000 suhd tv with quantum dot technology

The UN75KS9000 has a lot to offer, it has excellent image quality and can handle content well. Its not perfect, but its a great addition to any movie and TV lovers home. It has 4K resolution and a modernly designed stainless steel stand. Unlike other Samsung models, it is appealing to the eye, it has a premium and high-end look, but you do have to pay the price for it. Its one of the most expensive 75 inch 4K TVs on this list, and its not very reasonably priced.

Likewise, to other Samsung models, it has very poor local dimming that is noticeable when youre watching the TV in light rooms. It also has a higher input lag, so its the ideal choice if youre planning on playing a lot of video games. The viewing angle of this 75-inch 4K TV deteriorates at around 30 degrees so its essential if youre going to purchase it then you should ensure your living has seats in front of it rather than to the side. Although this doesnt directly your viewing experience, it could spoil a movie or TV show if you cant see the image correctly.

Despite this, its a nice TV. The price is extreme considering that it has some significant flaws, but if youve got the money to spend, then you could try this 75-inch 4K TV. Yet, we would say definitely shop around, there are hundreds of models for a lower price that are better quality and build than this.

+ Sleek Design
+ Outstanding Image Quality

Why We Liked It - Everything comes at a cost, despite the expense of this 75-inch 4K TV, its still great to watch movies on and can make the perfect home even better. The kids will love the design and feel of the TV and be happy to watch it for hours, what more could you want?

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10. LG UV340C 75UV340C

LG UV340C 75UV340C

Everyone loves a 4K UHD HDR TV, dont they? This 75-inch LG 4K UHD HDR TV has excellent low input lag so gamers can get indulged in a world of fast car racing and police shootouts. All from the comfort of their own home. The LG UV340C is a high-quality 4K UHD TV that is able to play a wide range of HDR content. It also has a wide viewing angle, so you dont have to be worried about everyone seeing their section of the TV.

Yet, it does have some flaws which are disappointing. The local dimming isnt the best quality, and the deep blacks are often perceived as grays on the screen too. Although the flaws of this 75inch 4k ultra HD smart TV arent too major, it can affect your viewing pleasure. This LG 4K UHD is a pretty pricey TV too, you may have to take out a rather large loan to pay it off. Its not the best you can get, and for the price, you would expect to get something a lot better.

All in all, this LG UV340C 4K UHD HDR TV is pretty standard considering that it doesnt have anything more than other LG and Samsung models but a larger price. Its 4K and looks sleek but other than that, there is a lot else going for it.

+ Low Input Lage is Ideal for Gamers
+ Wide Viewing Angle

Why We Liked It - Its sleek and modern design will fit into any home. This 75inch 4k ultra hd smart TV is of high quality, and its also LG which are considered a very popular choice. Who doesnt want a modern TV sat in their living room for everyone to enjoy?

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75 Inch TV Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying A 75 Inch TV?

versatile 75-inch TVBefore you purchase a new 75-inch TV, you want to make sure youve got the best model possible. Not only should it suit all your needs and be everything youve ever wanted, but it should be the BEST. After all, youre going to be spending quite a bit of money on it, you need to ensure youre getting your monies worth.

Big brands can sometimes sell TVs for a higher price point than theyre worth and when you check with another brand you may find you can get something similar in build and features but a lot cheaper.

Weve put a list of factors and elements of a 75 Inch TV that you will want to look out for, not everyone is going to have everything, but if they have even one or two, then you almost know its going to be good quality.

Excellent Picture Quality this matters the most, over everything else. One of the main reasons youre buying a new TV is to improve on the quality you have now. So, when youre looking at a new 75 TV, make sure you know the quality. It may have a 4K or 1080p resolution, but the main issue is the real picture quality, this will be spoken about in reviews of the model by experts and previous customers.

HDR Feature this stands for high dynamic range which is how the screen can adjust its brightness to give the best user experience possible. This should be done automatically and will make the quality of a TV a lot better than if it didnt have it. Having High Dynamic Range and a great picture is a perfect combination for a new TV, and youre sure to get a lot of use out of it.

Extra Smart Features while you may not use smart features, as most of them are a little pointless, the best TVs have intelligent features. This is because the latest display technologies have smart features and theres no running from it! Keep a look out for the TVs with extra smart features, and you wont regret your purchase.

Best 75 Inch 4K TV?

It must be the Samsung UN75NU8000, it has so many extra smart features and even has voice control what more can a TV offer? Its also affordable, so you dont have to break the bank for a taste of a premium TV.Samsung UN75NU8000 modelCLICK HERE FOR PRICE

Expert Tip

75-inch TVs are a lot bigger than you may think. You may want to visit one in a store before you purchase it. We would only recommend getting one if the room is big enough. Research by Crutchfield suggests you should sit between 6 and 9 feet away from a 75 TV so if your room isnt at least these, you may want to reconsider your options.

Did You Know?

In March 2016, the first players started to support 4K resolution and HDR at 60fps. Technology has only kept growing since this and continues to do so every day. Most larger TVs now support the 4K resolution, and its not a rare occurrence anymore. HD is now in the past and 4K is the future. Who knows where technology will take us!

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