3 Best 50 Inch 4K TV’s of 2021

50 inches 4k tv

50 inch TV sets are becoming more popular alongside all other larger TV screens. People are looking for a little slice of luxury in their home, and a large TV can provide this for them. A TV is a good way of relaxing and unwinding, and it has had viewers hooked since its creation.

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1. Samsung UN50MU6300F

Samsung UN50MU6300F

Samsung is a well-known brand that churns out quality products from phones to tablets to laptops and TVs on a yearly basis. There are constant updates and reboots and new models to stay the least, and they are no different when it comes to televisions. This is a well-reviewed and classically designed large screen television that is fit for purpose and has enough outputs and inputs to suit every persons needs and whims.

Though it is on the expensive side, you get a good warranty and a product from a brand that you know that you can trust entirely. The customer service is great, and repairs (if necessary) couldn't be more straight forward.

+ Smart TV
+ Good reviews
+ LED screen
+ Inputs galore

Why We Liked It - It has a very clear picture and screen resolution meaning that it would make for a great gaming TV as well as a general use TV.

Looking for cheaper options? Check out these 50" TVs you can buy under $500.


2. Samsung UN50KU6300F

Samsung UN50KU6300F

This is another great TV from Samsung. This model is a bit more suited to gamers as it has a low input frequency meaning that there is less delay and it is more equipped for action shots and game resolutions. It is slightly less expensive than the previously mentioned model but has most of the same great features to play around with.

+ Lots of inputs
+ Great reviews
+ Trusted brand
+ Top quality
+ Good warranty

Why We Liked It - This is another trusted option from a trusted brand. It has great reviews and for all its features and outputs, is on the market at a great price as well.


3. Samsung UN50JU6500F

Samsung UN50JU6500F

This option from Samsungs 50 inch TV range offers an ultra clear screen quality, which is highly attractive especially for TV enthusiasts. It is a smart TV which is Wi-Fi enabled which may seem like a standard and expected feature in this day and age, but you would be surprised at the amount of technology that still hasnt caught up.

It is HD enabled and extremely easy to set up after being purchased. It also comes with a good warranty, so you don't need to worry about expensive repairs or unexpected faults as it is covered by the company for a good few years.

+ Clear screen
+ Good reviews
+ Trusted brand
+ Classy design
+ Wi-Fi enabled

Why We Liked It - Though slightly expensive, this television ticks all the boxes. It has a great screen resolution and therefore a great picture quality.


50 Inch 4k TV Buyer's Guide

So what are you looking for when you buy a television set?


The price of the thing is always at the forefront of peoples minds when making any purchase that is expensive and investment for future years. You want a product that reflects the value of money. When it comes to larger screen 4K TVs, you will naturally have to pay out more money. So, you want to make sure that the money you are paying is going in the right place.

Look for a product with a good, longer warranty (at least a year), so you feel protected, and you know that at least for a while there will be no extra costs. Make sure it has all the features you want it to have and shop around! There are often vouchers, discounts and other special offers that vary from store to store. You don't want to complete a purchase one place and see your set for $100 cheaper in a different location!

How Much Does A Samsung 50 Inch 4K LED TV Weigh?

Generally speaking, big TVs are not as heavy as you expect them to be. Of course, they are heavy as they are large pieces of technology. They should be lifted and moved properly with the correct due care and attention in order to avoid breakages and accidents to your person or device.

The majority of these 50 inch TV models weight under 30 lbs! You were expecting a lot more, no? Alas, they are lightweight, and though they are long, they are not a burden on the shoulders if you ever do need to move them around.

What Sound Bar Would You Recommend For 50 Inch 4K TV?

A Sound Bar is a handy bit of technology that enhances your viewing experience. What it does is provides a cinema-level sound quality in your own home environment.

So if you are waiting to watch that new release with a bag of popcorn while sat on your sofa but you are wanting the cinema experience, then a soundbar is a way to go. Any compatible Samsung sound bar (or other brands if you prefer) will adapt and fit nicely with the Samsung 50 inch 4k television.

What GPU Do I Need For 4K On 50 Inch TV?

GPU sounds complicated, but it really isnt. It stands for graphics processing unit and relates to the picture quality on the TV screen itself. Most 50 inch TVs are built for purpose and have taken the size of the television set into consideration when factoring in things as simple as GPU. So, this is something you really dont need to worry about.

Expert Tip

Consider what you want from your TV, i.e. whether it is for gaming or general browsing. This will dictate what type of screen you want and what outputs you require as well.

Did you know?

The television was actually invented around 100 years ago. It has been a popular form of entertainment ever since, growing and prospering with the technology advances of the last 100 years.

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