9 Best TVs Under 1000 Dollars in 2021

Best TVs Under $1000 Review

Technology is continually growing and evolving meaning that despite a decade ago when you could only get a basic TV unit for under 1000 dollars, now you can get a lot more. In fact, some of the best TVs under 1000 dollars grace our eyes every day, through the media and advertising. Since you can now get a lot better quality for the money you're paying when you decide to splash out on an expensive TV, they are going to have some impressive features and elements, some you may have never even dreamed of.

Navigating your way around the jungle of TV units in this technological world isn't easy, especially when you're not entirely sure what you're looking for. You must know the essential and vital features that make a TV good or bad, then you can be clear about this before shopping. To help you out, we have created a list of the top 9 best TVs under 1000 dollars and also added a buying guide. We hope this buying guide helps you to see what you want or don't like about specific models, it will definitely help you choose the perfect TV for you.

$1000 is a lot of money to spend, so you have to do it wisely. Only select a TV you feel not only suits your household but one that will be durable and last a long time! There is nothing worse than buying a TV, and it breaks after only a few months use!

For cheaper TVs, try our review on the top TVs under $500.

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1. Samsung Electronics UN49MU8000

Samsung Electronics UN49MU8000

Placing this beautiful unit in your living area will surely change your life, and the way everyone views your technology habits. The MU8000 model by Samsung has some amazing features and a stunning chrome-finished design. There is not anything more you could want! It's stable and sturdy since it sits on two spider legs at each end of the unit, and this also means you don't have to worry about little ones around it. The borders are also super small and almost invisible - a totally modern look you're sure to love.

The picture quality is amazing on this model, it is an upgraded version when compared to other models, even the Samsung ones. It also has a low input lag, which is ideal for gamers who want to hook up their consoles. Since the TV has a thin design, it mounts perfectly onto a wall, and it shouldn't be too much hard work or hassle. However, you need to be careful when buying a unit for this TV, if you decide to stand it on the unit, it has to be long enough to stand both edged legs. There is minimal motion blur so you can watch all of your favorite movies, no matter how action-packed and fast-paced they are! Plus, it has a 4K HDR screen and extra smart features that work really well.

Its performance stands out from the rest and makes it possibly the best 4K TV under 1000 dollars out there, it's ideal for anyone who wants this as their budget too. One of the only flaws it has is that the sound quality isn't amazing, but this is a common occurrence with newer TVs. It's not a major flaw and could be simply fixed with a soundbar or some speakers if you're wanting a better sound quality.


+ 4K HDR Resolution

+ Excellent Deep Black Uniformity

+ Super Sleek Chrome-Finished Design

+ Ideal for Mounting on a Wall

+ Good Performing Smart Features

+ Small Borders

Why We Liked It - We under that $1000 is a lot of money, and when you're paying this price for a TV, you need it to be the best. It is worth splashing out on this model though, it has lots of hidden features, and the picture quality is possibly the best we've ever seen. If you're after a cheap TV, check out our review on the top TVs under $200.


2. Samsung UN55MU8500FXZA

Samsung UN55MU8500FXZA

Similarly designed to the MU8000 model, this Samsung MU8500 model is a better than average TV with a low input lag and an impressive brightness level. It is seen as the best 55-inch TV under 1000 dollars out there on the market right now. This is because it has amazing picture quality and a chrome design finish. When compared to other models, it is very aesthetically pleasing and can display a wide range of colors.

It also has a curved design meaning it allows the user to feel more involved and indulged in the movie they're watching. Likewise, for our number 1 pick, it was super sleek and small borders, but the thickness of this 55-inch 4K TV for under $1000 is slightly different due to the design. Although it appears thicker, this is only because the screen is curved. The build quality is definitely a step up when compared to other models, and it even feels higher quality than you may initially assume. One of the best things about this model is the deep blacks and gray uniformity - it's very impressive. The MU8500 model only with a few minor issues, one of these is the poor local dimming. This doesn't directly affect your viewing pleasure, but it's something to keep in mind before you purchase the unit.


+ Low Input Lag

+ Excellent Build Quality

+ Sleek and Small Borders

+ Curved Design

+ Impressive Black Uniformity

Why We Liked It - Who doesn't love a curved screen on their TV? We all do, and that's why we love this model so much. It definitely stands out in any room and adds a lot of dimension to a room that might not have a lot. For anyone who wants an immersive TV experience, this model is the one you should choose - without a doubt.


3. Radiate Your Love Aromatherapy

LG 65SJ8000

Featuring 4K resolution, a sharp image and build quality, this LG model is a perfect choice. It's a lot lower in price than those in our top two, but that just means it's more suitable for anyone who wants to save some money. We understand sometimes you want to find the best TV under 800 dollars, which means you should turn to this SJ800 model. Unlike the other two choices, this chrome-finished unit has a stand in the center meaning it's a little less sturdy but previous customer reviews have rated it great anyway. It's definitely a TV that makes a statement, you'd never miss it if you walked into a room. If you're someone who likes minimalist things that don't stand out, this TV isn't for you! It's bright and bold which is never a bad thing either.

It has super high build quality, and despite having a rear plastic outer shell, it still feels amazing to touch. Luckily, this model also has excellent black uniformity and an HDR feature for anyone who likes that pop of color. But, our favorite thing is the brightness level, you're able to watch a movie any time of the day without having to worry about the natural light reflections as they're virtually impossible to see. However, likewise to our second choice on this list, this TV struggles when it comes to the local dimming.


+ Reasonably Priced

+ Great Build Quality

+ Low Input Lag

+ Modern and Sleek Chrome Design

+ Fantastic HDR Feature

Why We Liked It - LG isn't given enough credit for how amazing some of their models are, although we love Samsung TV's, sometimes LG bring their A game. This unit is modern and sleek, it fits perfectly into any stylish home, and you can get it for a super affordable price too.


4. Samsung UN49KU6500FXZA

Samsung UN49KU6500FXZA

Despite being on the slightly smaller side (only being 49 inches!) this Samsung KU6500 model is a great choice for anyone who is looking for something not too bold and big. This model features the iconic Samsung design which uses a center stand and a matte black finish. While it may not be the most outgoing TV design ever, it has some great smart features and is very responsive (so all of you gamers can plug in your consoles!). The high native color contrast means when you're watching a dark or scary movie, you can see everything clearly and the performance is perfect.

The TV is also curved which means when looking at it from the side angle, it does appear bulkier than others. Although this means you may not want to mount it onto the wall, it is still wondering if you want to place it in a unit instead. There is no local dimming feature on the KU6500 model so this isn't a problem, but it does lack good sound quality. Bad sound quality seems to be a reoccurring feature with many Samsung TV's, this model can be heard but it won't give you a surround-sound experience like some upper market TV's and speakers would. We would definitely recommend buying some speakers or a soundbar to improve it.


+ 4K Resolution

+ Excellent Smart Features

+ Curved and Sleek Design

+ Matte Black Finish

+ Good Native Color Contrast

Why We Liked It - These days, all the TV's have started to be huge. People often name the best 65-inch 4K TV under 1000 dollars, but they don't talk about the smaller sizes. Not everyone wants a huge TV in their living area. Or, you could just be looking for a good quality TV for your bedroom!


5. LG 65UJ6540

LG 65UJ6540

This UJ6540 model by LG is the perfect choice for anyone who likes the HDR feature. Not only does it feature this, but it also has an extra-wide color gamut and lots of smart features. Unlike most TV units, this one has an excellent sound quality, but it can be improved by using external speakers. It's possibly the best 4K HDR TV under 1000 dollars right now, and that's a difficult choice to be made. The 4K resolution is amazing, and the picture quality is able to reflect that too.

The local dimming of this LG 65-inch TV Under 1000 bucks is so much better than other models too, sometimes newer TV's don't feature the local dimming because it's hard to achieve for the technology. If you're on a budget and don't want to spend a lot of your money on a new TV, then this is the best choice. Despite being a little less expensive when compared to the other picks on the list, it's still great quality! It does face some flaws though, these aren't anything major, and you shouldn't worry too much about them. The design could be improved, it's very basic and considering the price - you would expect something a little more aesthetically pleasing. Besides, the brightness of this model isn't up to the standard it should be. This doesn't directly affect your viewing experience too much, but it can be a little annoying.


+ 4K Resolution

+ Good Build Quality

+ Ideal on a Budget (Reasonably Priced)

+ Excellent Local Dimming

Why We Liked It - Sometimes you don't want to spend insane amounts of money on a TV, this is totally understandable! This reasonably priced TV by LG is a great alternative for anyone who likes to have an excellent picture quality but isn't too bothered about the design or look of the TV unit itself.


6. Samsung 55NU8500

Samsung 55NU8500

Another 4K curved screen pick on our list is this Samsung NU8500 model, it's versatile and performs well. You can play various video games as the input lag is low or you can watch fast-paced movies since the motion blur is handled really well too. This TV supports FreeSync which can be used with the Xbox consoles (One X or One S) or with a PC. The design is something pretty smart, and we absolutely love it! It's a little different to their other models, and it looks completely different to anything else on this list. It has a center stand that is curved which looks amazing, it is very much focused on the design of the TV, but the quality and extra features are great too.

This NU8500 is 55 inches which is a good size for any living area, or a bigger bedroom. It also looks stylish and modern in a more futuristic home since it has a shiny black finish and smaller borders. The overall feel of the TV is that it looks and feels very premium, this is a huge bonus at the price you're paying. If you decide to mount this TV to a wall, despite being curved - it doesn't protrude from the wall a lot meaning it looks fantastic. Yet, it does have some flaws. When viewed from an angle, the image quality does degrade, and the sound quality is shockingly bad on this model. Although this doesn't directly affect the image quality, it can affect the way you watch movies and TV shows. If you're investing in this model, then we would recommend buying external speakers such as a soundbar.


+ Curved and Sleek Design

+ Low Input Lag and Handles Motion Well

+ Excellent Picture Quality

+ Supports FreeSync

Why We Liked It - This futuristic style TV is perfect for anyone who loves to make their home look even better. It has a 4K resolution and is perfect for avid movie watchers or gamer players as it has a low input lag and no motion blurring. An ideal choice for anyone who isn't sure what to get for their next TV purchase.


7. Perfect Aire PAU16

LG Electronics 65UJ6300

Although the design of this LG UJ6300 model is basic, matte black, and very plastic looking, it's a well-performing TV unit. It's the perfect match for anyone who doesn't like fancy add-ons or designs. However, you should keep in mind that it doesn't look very high end despite performing well when watching movies and TV shows. It stands sturdily on two small spider legs at either side of the TV unit meaning you don't have to worry about younger ones pushing it over or accidents happening.

The 4K resolution produces a sharp and clear image quality, the smart features are extraordinary too. The input lag is impressively low, but unlike other TVs that have a little input lag, this doesn't handle motion as well as it should. The sound quality is a flaw with this unit, but it's only below average and doesn't affect your viewing pleasure too much. The TV screen also isn't very bright which means the reflections from natural lighting can sometimes show up and hinder your view. Other than those three small flaws, it's a great unit you should be proud to own!


+ Sharp and Clear Image Quality

+ Very Low Input Lag

+ Sturdy and Stable Unit

Why We Liked It - Basic TV's are often the best quality because the manufacturers put all the effort into making the TV perform well rather than the overall look of it! We love this model because it has extra features and the picture quality is great too!


8. LG 55UK6300PUE

LG 55UK6300PUE

Finding a TV that is a good size, has good smart features and uses active HDR elements isn't easy when you're on a budget. The bigger the TV you want, the less likely you are going to get something quality for your money. But, LG's UK6300PUE model is the perfect choice if you're on a tighter budget and still want something that will last a long time. It has 4K resolution and includes a magic remote that you won't want to let go of, as well as this, it has a basic yet functional design that works well and proves you don't have to spend a huge amount of money on a good quality TV. It's definitely one of the cheaper models on the list, but it still has some great qualities such as voice control and sharp image quality.

Despite being a bright, bold, and good-looking TV, much like other models, this model has issues. The black uniformity isn't as good and deep as it should be. Similarly, the image quality rapidly decreases at an angle which means you may not be able to see the TV if you're looking at it from anything other than the front. However, it is still 55 inches in width meaning it's a pretty big screen and will look great in your living area. One other flaw is that the voice control can sometimes get annoying when it listens to everything you say and wants always to help out. These flaws are minor and shouldn't stop you from purchasing the TV, but they're still something to consider before you buy it.


+ Less Expensive

+ Uses an Active HDR Feature

Why We Liked It - Voice control TV's are amazing when you can find the remote and need help changing the channel. The new magic remote (where you can control the TV from an app on your phone), is a fantastic addition to the look and feel of the TV and unit.


9. Samsung UN55JU6700FXZA

Samsung UN55JU6700FXZA

Gamers can unite over this TV and its amazing input lag, as well as it's smart features and sleek design. It's always great to find a TV with good overall picture quality in both dark and bright rooms, and this model is definitely one of these! The design is fairly simple as it has a central black shiny stand and smaller borders than average. It's also curved which means you can indulge in any movie or TV show and feel totally part of the fictional world it creates.

Yet, unfortunately, there is a reason this Samsung UN55JU6700FXZA model is at the bottom of our list. The viewing angle is limited as there is a loss of colors from a side view, and there is a lot of motion blur that is more than average.

To add to this, if you're an avid movie watcher, then you might want to stay away from this TV model too as there is a lot of judder in the movies as it lacks 24p support. Likewise, to other models, the sound quality could be improved with external speakers or a soundbar as the TV doesn't naturally sound great. Although this isn't a huge flaw, you must consider it since it can affect your viewing experience.


+ Very Low Input Lag

+ Good Picture Quality

Why We Liked It - The design is curved which is awesome considering the low price! It's a real bargain if you can find the model for you. It's great quality and well worth all the money you spend on it. Despite the motion blur being higher than you may hope, it still plays games well and performs perfectly too.


$1000 TV Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Buying A TV Under $1000?

Before you purchase your new TV, you need to ensure it has all the elements you need. If your ultimate budget is $1000 don't worry, there are plenty of options to choose from. But, if you're for something a little cheaper than we will also get into the best TV under 800 dollars too. Perhaps you don't like the look of any of these models in the below list, and you want some general advice about choosing a TV when you're on a budget, that's what we're here to explain. Remember though, it's all about the quality of your TV.

For the most part, you'll be lucky to get a 65 inch+ TV for a budget around $1000 unless you find something on sale so it might not work well thinking you can buy a huge TV. You want quality over size, this will mean you have a better viewing experience, and the TV works for everyone in the house.

Fantastic Picture Quality - Buying a TV then getting it home and setting up, to realize the picture quality is awful is annoying! Sometimes a higher resolution on a TV can appear that the picture quality is good too, but this isn't the case. You need to look at previous reviews and research what the picture quality is like. You could have one of the best 4K TVs under 1000 dollars, but in reality, the quality isn't as good as it should be. This is why it's so important to read previous customer and professional reviews before you go ahead and buy your new TV.

A Stunning and Modern Design - While finding a TV perfect for you, should be about the quality of the screen and what smart features it has, the design also plays a key role. You want the design of your TV to suit the rest of your dcor and overall feel of the living area or bedroom, right? Taking a look at the different designs can make it a difficult job to choose your favorite. There are so many to look out for, it's mostly down to personal preference too. Whatever design and style you think would suit your home, you can choose that! Since you're paying out a lot of money for the TV, you are sure to get an attractive TV!

HDR Feature - It's not essential but having an HDR feature is excellent if you want the best viewing experience. It allows all of the colors to pop, and really indulges you in the movie you're watching. It's the perfect feature if you all love having the TV show and movie nights at the good quality is sure to bring the family together. Most of the best TVs under 1000 dollars will have this feature, you just have to look at the finer details to be sure.

What Is the Best LG TV Under 1000?

It has to be the LG 65SJ8000 model, it has some amazing features and a good image quality which is always great when you're considering TV units. LG has really excelled when creating this model and should be extremely proud of themselves! It's loved by many viewers, and it just keeps getting more popular all the time.

Which TV Has the Best Picture Quality Under 1000?

The Samsung UN49MU8000 is our first choice for many reasons, and its amazing picture quality is one of them. It has a sharp and clear image as it is 4K, but it also has good brightness and deep blacks, so the picture stands out a lot.

Which 4K Smart TV Under 1000 Dollars?

It has to be the Samsung UN49MU8000 again, we love this model and think it deserves a lot more recognition than it gets! It's such a perfect model for any family home, the size, and quality really stand out above the rest. If you're on a budget, it's perfect too as it doesn't cost a lot to run or purchase in the first place. It's an ideal choice for everyone!

Expert Tip:

If you're willing to spend around the $1000 mark, then you're going to get a good quality TV. Just ensure you get a popular brand with a reputable new. There are so many people out there who choose to buy a TV because it looks great, but they don't consider the brand. Although you can buy non-branded quality TV's, you're always better opting for brands as they will have a better warranty and guarantee on them.

Did You Know?

TV's have now exceeded the 100 inches size, meaning when it comes to TV's you can buy one that is huge. You will have to pay the price, but if you really want a viewing experience, isn't it worth it? Panasonic now does a 152-inch display screen TV that costs over $700,000, but it does look amazing. However, despite this, the average TV size is between 40 and 50 inches in the UK.

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